Movie Madness: Indiana Jones vs. Hannibal Lecter

Just as I predicted, Friday’s Movie Madness battle saw Tony Stark get the best of the Terminator. Stark moves on to the next round. Today’s matchup is a strange one. Who knows how it’s going to turn out? One of cinema’s all-time greatest good guys, Indiana Jones, goes up against one of cinema’s most memorable villains, Hannibal Lecter. Which will win, good or evil? You decide.

Dr. Jones has worked his way through this tournament riding a wave of good will and popularity, while Lecter has (literally) devoured his competition. Now, both of them will face off in a matchup that pits AFI’s number two cinematic hero against its number one cinematic villain. This should be an interesting battle.

Indiana Jones – Quite a few people screamed foul when Jones got past Wolverine in the last round. They thought that Wolverine’s Adamantium claws, coupled with his healing ability and apparent immortality, should have carried him to victory. Even with all those weapons at his disposal, Wolverine proved to be no match for the popular Indiana Jones. Like an NBA team with home court advantage, Jones got all the right calls. When the end of the game came, he wound up ahead. Let’s just say that popularity and love for a character can be a very deadly force.

Secret Weapon: We saw it on display when he took on Wolverine. Indiana Jones lives on in our minds as the quintessential action/adventure hero. It’s hard to believe that anyone could beat Dr. Jones, because he’s able to get himself out of just about any near-death experience he finds himself in.

Hannibal Lecter – His road to the Cinematic Sixteen was a bit more palatable because he went up against characters without any special abilities. They were just men who weren’t crazy enough to stand up to Lecter’s malevolence. He’s chewed his way through Captain Hook, and even civilian vigilante Paul Kersey, but now he faces Indiana Jones, which is a whole different beast altogether.

Secret Weapon: He’s manipulative and cunning. Jones is able to think on his feet, but Lecter seems to plan his actions in advance like a chess master thinking five moves ahead of his opponent. If he’s able to do this effectively against Jones, Lecter may enjoy a hearty meal consisting of Indiana Jones as a main course with a side of Short Round.

Indiana Jones vs. Hannibal Lecter

  • Indiana Jones (75%, 121 Votes)
  • Hannibal Lecter (25%, 40 Votes)

Total Voters: 161

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  1. Alex

    Not sure how good of a reason this is, but I can’t bear the thought of getting to the finals without Harrison Ford represented somewhere. Kimble’s out, Solo’s down for the count, Jack Ryan wasn’t even on the list. I’m throwing my hat (niche!) in with Indy.

  2. Lecter would wrangle up Marian and his kid and eat their hearts. When the man named after the family dog showed up and saw they grizzly scene, he’d have his throat slit by Dr. Lecter. Adios, Indiana.

    • Alex

      Indy’s survived jumping blindly into a canyon, dodging spinning blades, bad spellings in latin, alien invasions, being dragged by a tank, being tossed into a snake pit, getting smacked around by a friggin’ huge Nazi, jumping out of an airplane with a raft for a parachute, and the very Wrath of God annihilating everything around him. You think he can’t take one nutcase with a taste for fava beans and liver?

        • EM

          Luke’s choice of words reminds me of certain lyrics of the classic ditty “I Want to Eat Your Face”, from the film The Creature Wasn’t Nice a.k.a. Spaceship a.k.a. Naked Space:

          I want to eat your knees
          For they would really please me
          So, let me eat those knees
          Don’t you tease me

  3. I voted for Wolverine in the last round (and still think he should have won), but I’ll vote for Indy this time. I think his quick wits and resourcefulness can get him out of a scrape with any normal human opponent.

    • RBBrittain

      I agree on both counts. Besides, SOMEBODY has to stop Boba Fett before the final four; if Jack Torrence can’t do it, we know Indy can because he’s really Han Solo. 😉

  4. Pedram

    Yeah it should be Wolverine going up against Lecter, but Indy could totally take Hannibal.

  5. Jones already has experience with someone trying to rip out his heart…and there will be no busty blonde or annoying sidekick to distract him this time around.

    Indy wins easily.