Movie Madness: Batman vs. Solo

In Friday’s Movie Madness battle, Alice and Blade went neck-and-neck all the way up until the end, when Alice ended up pulling out the win. She’s the only woman left in the tournament, but has shown that she has what it takes to go far. Today, we’ll take a look at an equally tough matchup when the Caped Crusader, Batman, goes up against Han Solo.

Batman and Han Solo are both backed by legions of fanboys, but many of those fanboys love both of these guys. Who would’ve ever thought that these two universes would overlap? There was never any need of choosing which you liked more, until now. Batman and Solo have been locked in a steel cage, and it’s up to you to figure out who will emerge victorious to fight Alice in the next round.

Batman (Christian Bale) – Batman has had the longest road in the tournament so far. Not only did he have to take on Buzz Lightyear in the first round, but then he had to battle his nemesis, the Joker, in the next. That’s not all, though. Christian Bale’s Batman had to battle it out with all the other Batman incarnations, until he emerged victorious on the other side.

Secret Weapon: Every Batman has been a bit different. Bale’s Batman seems to rely heavily on Morgan Freeman to supply him with an endless array of bat-centric weapons and vehicles. Yes, Bale’s Batman uses more down-to-earth weaponry, but it’s still deadly. If Freeman is in his corner churning out neat-o weapons, there’s not much Solo is going to be able to do.

Han Solo – Some of our readers have accused Solo of skating along on his fanboy appeal, especially when he somehow got past Harry Potter. How did a simple blaster best magic? It doesn’t matter, though. Solo did what the world’s most powerful evil sorcerer could not. He killed Harry Potter and threw him into the Sarlacc pit.

Secret Weapon: Solo’s charisma takes him pretty far. He’s able to talk his way out of most situations, but that’s probably not going to help him against a gruff-talking Bale. No, Solo will have to rely on his quick-draw skills, hoping that Freeman hasn’t concocted a Batsuit able to withstand a blaster burst.

Batman vs. Han Solo

  • Batman (65%, 118 Votes)
  • Han Solo (35%, 64 Votes)

Total Voters: 182

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  1. MultiWizard

    If ‘ole Bats gets in close to Solo, it’s game over. I mean, c’mon: Solo had trouble knockin out a Imperial Biker Scout with his lame fighting skills.

    I see Batman throwing a batarang trip line around Solo’s ankles, tripping him up, and pouncing on him, knocking away the blaster. Done.

  2. Alex

    Han may shoot first, but Batman is a wraith, a terrible thought. Han’s shot is likely to hit nothing but air and the wall at the end of the room, and before he’s pulled the trigger a second time, he’ll be dangling from a grappling, 200 feet in the air.

  3. EM

    Batman uses the Batlight and the Batmist on his utility belt to blind Solo. Advantage: Batman.

    But what’s this? Holding a pole, Han Solo turns about and strikes out blindly, making contact with Batman’s utility belt, which reacts by initiating the personal Batthrusters and hurling a surprised Batman into the clutches of the nearby Starro the Conqueror. Victor: Han Solo.

  4. Are vehicles a part of the fight? Because I’m thinking that the Falcon is going to be superior to anything Batman arrives to the fight with… Batwing, BatBoat, Tumbler, whatever…. Solo wins because the Falcon strafes Batman’s vehicle…. as long as the Falcon doesn’t fall apart….. 🙂

    • CK

      The Falcon would be the deciding factor for me. Batman’s “Secret weapons” mentions that he relies upon Freeman for vehicles, so if vehicles are in the mix, then I think Solo would win. Otherwise, it would be a victory for Batman.

  5. JoeRo

    Han Solo can actually kill people. Batman simply temporarily defeats his enemies until they re-emerge. Even if Bats beat Solo a thousand times, Han would eventually figure out a way to kill him … possibly by shooting him in the face. Edge goes to Solo.

  6. Aaron Peck

    Looks like Batman will prove to be the undoing of The Solo. Truthfully, I thought Solo would ride all the way until the Final Four. This is surprising to me, especially the margin that Batman is winning by.

  7. Ivan Gomez

    Han Ford didnt even wanted to be a part of ROTJ and simply wanted to end the saga as a martir (boy, why didnt harrison solo tinked the same way about continuing Indy?) while Batman just will keep going, even if Bale bails.

  8. vihdeeohfieuhl

    This one is a complete joke. Even though I’m almost certain he would have been defeated in the last round, or even the first round, I guess you can rationalize Han Solo making it this far. But there’s no way he even touches Batman! It’s ridiculous to even suggest otherwise. His blaster won’t do anything to the bat suit, and if he’s ever close enough to be touched by Batman, it’s over! What exactly did Han ever do to make anybody believe he would beat anybody in this contest. I love Star Wars and Han is one of my favorite characters, but the man is a lover, not a fighter. He’s a fast talking, womanizing, lady’s man.

    • Chad Lawless

      Don’t forget that head-shot Solo has on Endor against the Stormtrooper. One pull of the trigger, one less guy in white for the Empire. Han’s pretty good with that blaster, and Batman doesn’t (usually) wear head armor. Now, if he’s decked out in a “Dark Knight Returns” issue #4 armor suit…..

    • RBBrittain

      Only because I expected more SW fanboys pushing for Solo. Let’s face it: If it were a real steel-cage “tournament o’death” match, Batman would have reduced Solo to a bloody spot on the cage floor by now.

      I’m happy to see we won’t have all three SW characters in the final four (or whatever you’re gonna call it). Now it’s time to get rid of Boba Fett; Darth Vader alone deserves to be in the final four.