Monster Madness Championship: Predator vs. Godzilla

The Monster Madness finals are finally here! It’s time for the ultimate showdown. Who will take home the title of greatest movie monster of all time, the radioactive lizard from Japan or the otherworldly hunter of Xenomorphs? Come on in and vote.

Predator stood tall against some fierce opponents, and was able to finally kill that pesky Killer Rabbit. He moves onto the final championship. Meanwhile, Godzilla beat out Cthulhu for the Heavyweight title. While this match-up may seem a little lopsided in terms of size, one shouldn’t discount Predator’s resourcefulness.

Predator – Defeating the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog was no easy feat. That thing tore through its other competition in the tournament. Now, Predator faces arguably the most memorable and revered movie monster ever. His chances look slim, that’s for sure.




Godzilla – Simply put, Godzilla has been a powerhouse during this tournament, decimating everyone he comes across. He even took out a god, for heaven’s sake. Now he has his sights set on the ultimate championship. Can he defeat the small but agile Predator?




Final Word: I actually envision a movie monster version of the ‘Shadow of Colossus’ videogame here. Godzilla is a huge, formidable opponent, but Predator is quick, nimble, and could conceivably find a way up Godzilla’s body in order to stab him in the head, or chuck explosives down his reptilian gullet. It might be a long shot, but I’m going for the upset here.

Predator vs. Godzilla

  • Godzilla (57%, 283 Votes)
  • Predator (43%, 217 Votes)

Total Voters: 500

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  1. Rcorman

    The best weapon the Predator has is that through his small size (compared to Godzilla) and his camouflage gear, he will go undetected by Godzilla until he strikes.

    Having said that, this fight would be like a single ant taking on a human. Maybe if the Predator could get inside Godzilla he might have a chance, but then again something must be powering Godzilla’s atomic breath, so he could be very radioactive inside.

  2. The Predator would blow up his ship, which would destroy Godzilla, isn’t that pretty simple? Or the Predator could transport Godzilla to his war planet and fuck him up there. Predators have vast intelligence and technology, Godzilla is just the equivalent of a big, angry, roided up gila monster.

  3. Jus10

    Godzilla has fought different species of aliens (including destroying the alien spaceships) on multiple occasions and won.

  4. Matt

    the predator would be all busy trying to be stealthy when SPLAT he gets stepped on by Godzilla, who roars and wipes off his foot like he stepped in poo.

  5. Now, if the killer rabbit had made it through… ahh, but we can dream!

    I want to say the predator would win, but I’m really not sure. It’s a difficult one to call!!

    • William Henley

      Agreed – if the Killer Rabbit had of made it through, it would have been Bye Bye Godzilla, as Godzilla doesn’t posess a Holy Hand Grenade.

      Between Preditor and Godzilla, it would be a heck of a fight, but I think I have to side with Godzilla on this one. I think the Godzilla movies have showed us that technology just doesn’t hold up to Godzilla.

  6. Pedram

    Wow, 50/50 with almost 300 votes! This is such a close call.

    I have to think that even though Godzilla has size/power on his side, the Predator has brains and technology, and would figure out a way to take Godzilla down (Godzilla’s intelligence seems to be inconsistent).

    Still, Godzilla seems to be pretty damn hard to hurt, with few weaknesses and lots of powers, so the Predator has a pretty tough fight on his hands.

  7. AllanL5

    On the other hand, Predator was defeated by a steroided Arnold once, and then on another occasion by Danny Glover. Godzilla was defeated by a flesh-destroying weapon once — who’s inventor made sure he and the weapon were destroyed in the process.

    I think Godzilla has the edge here.

  8. These numbers are astounding. As much as I like the Predator, he pales in comparison to Godzilla!! Maybe if a hundred Predators got together they could bring down the beast, but I just don’t see Godzilla going down in any other way than popularity.

  9. Jason

    How this is still neck and neck is beyond me. When I voted it was tied up with 16 votes in. I was certain Godzilla would have run away with this by now. He is after all the “King of the Monsters.” The Predator fanboy club is apparently a force to be reckoned with.

  10. Josh Inman

    I don’t think a lot of these people have seen many Godzilla movies.

    Predator got outfoxed by Danny Glover. Come on people!

  11. Pedram

    I think one of the Predators’ weakness is pride. Sure, he got beaten by Arnold, but that’s because he took off his mask/cloak/canon and fought Arnold hand to hand. He could have just as easily killed him from afar without even being seen, but he wanted it to at least be a bit of a challenge – which ultimately lead to his downfall. I don’t remember how Danny Glover beat him (never really liked that movie), but I would imagine it didn’t want to take the easy way out again.

    However, going up against Godzilla, it would know that it’s very outmatched and would use every advantage it had (especially its cloaking ability) and not let pride lead to its demise. The only question is, how could it do any damage to Godzilla. Maybe try to get that second brain in its spine somehow and paralyze it like Super Mechagodzilla did.

  12. Steve

    No way predator could kill godzilla. His hide is near impenatrable. His regenerating ability is uncanny. Even if predator got near him, cloaked, G would just get pissed off and do a nuclear pulse and fry him.

  13. Beerstalker

    I think many people are forgetting the Predators Arnold and Danny Glover fought were weak young Predators going through a rite of passage to be considered adults.

    I think an older, wiser, stronger Predator would have a good chance of figuring out a way to defeat Godzilla.

    • The Preds in the AvP movies were doing the rite-of-passage thing, but I don’t believe that’s the case for those in the three main Predator movies. The one Arnold faces certainly seems to be an experienced hunter.

  14. Eric P

    After careful consideration, the fight may go something like this…

    The Predator race are sportsmen, and have shown to give up nothing to chance (nuclear wristband as last resort), so in preparing for this battle, they would have researched Godzilla and his history. In doing so would have learned that all attempts to exploit weaknesses have later been mutated through by Godzilla’s radioactive makeup . . . all but one. The original Godzilla, Gojira, was defeated by Dr. Serizawa’s Oxygen Destroyer. The Predator race could have duplicated this technology, and had it ready and waiting for the green giant, if traditional methods were ineffective.

    Predator would lure Godzilla into one trap after another, but every attempt would only prove Godzilla’s powers could overcome anything. In a last ditch effort predator escapes to his ship, and Godzilla chases him, running into the ocean. It is there that the device it unleashed, and our giant, the killer of gods, the regenerative goliath, succumbs to the same fate his ancestor did. Flesh being torn from bone, bone being disintegrated, and our predator, the giant slayer, sits back with a cold brew, his only lament is that he has no trophy head for oversized mantle.

    • Pedram

      Yeah, that’s what I was trying to say. They would figure out a way to beat Godzilla through their intelligence and craftiness, but I guess in the end people didn’t agree. It was good race while it lasted.

  15. Chris

    People are giving the predator too much credit. A log was enough to incapatate the predator in the first movie. A 50 foot tall dinosaur would have no problem squashing it flat before it even has enough time to set off it’s bomb.