Monster Madness: Rhedosaurus vs. Balrog – Frankenstein’s Monster vs. Brundlefly

Our last Monster Madness match-ups were veritable bloodbaths. Both the giant croc and the Ghoulies were dispatched easily by the Mist Walker and Hithcock’s killer birds. Today, we’ll find out if the Rhedosaurus can stand up to the badassness of the Balrog, and whether Frankenstein’s Monster can go toe-to-toe with Jeff Goldblum.

An ancient lizard of destruction goes up against an even more ancient fiery demon from the depths of hell (or whatever underworld exists in Middle Earth). This is a pretty interesting battle. Rhedosaurus may best the Balrog in size, but the Balrog is a giant winged demon who also happens to be on fire.

Rhedosaurus – Awoken from a nuclear blast in ‘The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms’, Rhedosaurus looks like a humongous, blood-thirsty iguana ready to wreak havoc on coastal cities. Created by the fabled Ray Harryhausen, Rhedosaurus still looks great for an old-school monster from 1953.

Strengths: Besides being a large and menacing lizard from the deep, Rhedosaurus (like Godzilla) is able to breathe nuclear-powered fire from his mouth, scorching anything he touches.

Weaknesses: Isotope missiles (according to trusty old Wikipedia).


Balrog – An ancient demonic creature from the bowels of Middle Earth, the Balrog is one of the coolest looking movie monsters out there. If you were a kid and tried to think up the scariest monster you could, chances are you’d think up a Balrog. A flaming demon of death with a whip. Scary!

Strengths: Besides being gigantic, I think Balrog’s biggest strength is that he’s rather dexterous and mobile. He can move his hulking frame with the agility of a human. The skill to work that whip is perfect evidence that the Balrog would most likely run circles around the lumbering Rhedosaurus.

Weaknesses: Magical bearded men.

Rhedosaurus vs. Balrog

  • Balrog (86%, 66 Votes)
  • Rhedosaurus (14%, 11 Votes)

Total Voters: 77

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These two monsters would never be accepted by society. One was created by a madman, while the other was accidentally created by a man who subsequently went mad. Both of these monsters are classic in their own rights. I’m unsure who will come out on top.

Frankenstein’s Monster – Created in a lab, Frankenstein’s Monster was feared by everyone, but never really showed himself as a threat to anyone.

Strengths: Size and strength are among this monster’s traits.

Weaknesses: He might be too much of a softy for the Brundlefly. Also, villagers with pitchforks and torches.


Brundlefly – Can’t a man create a teleporter without the adverse effects of turning into an angry human-sized insect? There he was, just minding his own business. At one point, Seth Brundle is putting the finishing touches on his teleporter which had just teleported a baboon successfully, and then he accidentally turns into a fly. Science!

Strengths: Once Brundle started changing into the fly man, he had increased strength, stamina and wall-clinging ability.

Weaknesses: Shotguns and crippling self-esteem issues.

Frankenstein vs. Brundlefly

  • Brundlefly (59%, 42 Votes)
  • Frankenstein (41%, 29 Votes)

Total Voters: 71

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  1. Alex

    Let’s not forget that while Gandalf might have defeated the Balrog, it took three days and a journey from the bowels of the earth to the highest mountain peak and the Balrog still mortally wounded the wizard. That little stop-motion dinosaur doesn’t stand a chance.

    Oh, and don’t forget he has a giant flaming scimitar as well as a cat o’ nine tails.

  2. I was going to vote Balrog and apologise, since Rhedosaurus is classic Harryhausen, then I had a think about it… Which one have we seen do more destruction? Which one has PROVEN is capabilities to wreak havoc and fear? We never see a great deal of the Balrog. He looks cool but I think his reputation is bigger than his bite.

    Think about it, in terms of apparent threat, both creatures are on a par. both breath fire of sorts and are huge. But the Balrog was slowed by a small falling bridge and is never really seen doing anything particularly destructive once a single wizard takes him down.

    So I’m going with Rhedosaurus. I suspect Gandalf wouldn’t have quite such an easy time of it, defeating classic Harryhausen.

    Brundlefly vs Frankenstein’s Monster… I’m kinda torn. I want to vote Frankie, but I suspect they’re rather even in strength and then you count in Brundle’s acidic mouth and wall climbing and I think he has the edge. So I’ll vote Brundle…

    • EM

      Yeah, I think Balrog’s fire has nothing on atomic fire.

      Brundlefly’s acid vomit is nasty, but then Frankie once survived a plunge into a boiling sulphur pit. He’s made of tough stuff, powered by cosmic rays (as Wolf Frankenstein explained in Son of Frankenstein). I’m siding with Frankie, but—man, what a fight to see!

      • Thanks, Aaron! 😀

        I wouldn’t mind seeing Frankie win, despite voting for brundle. 😉 But it’s a real shame that Rhedosaurus is going to lose out to Balrog. The more I think about it, the more I think the Balrog wouldn’t stand a chance! 🙂