Monster Madness: Cyclops vs. Fell Beast – Bride of Frankenstein vs. Grendel

The Blob proved to be much too blobby for the fire-shooting Tanker Bug, while a telekinetic tire outdueled Belial, the world’s angriest pile of skin. In today’s Monster Madness, we’ll see what happens when a one-eyed giant battles a winged beast from Mordor, and whether Grendel can best Frankenstein’s bride.

I have a hard time deciding which monster to pick here. The Cyclops is a ferocious, ill-tempered man-eater with one eye, one horn and a whole lot of smashing power to go around. The Fell Beast is a really cool ‘Lord of the Rings’ monster that doesn’t do much in the movies, but when it does do something, it looks really badass while doing it.

Cyclops – He’s been a mainstay of Greek mythology and has appeared in a number of films. He’s always been cranky, and likes to tear humans limb from limb and then consume them like tiny flesh-covered treats.

Strengths: He’s big, strong and humanoid. I think this works in his favor. Opposable thumbs really do provide an advantage in fights.

Weaknesses: No peripheral vision. Trying to get hold of a flying lizard might prove difficult.


Fell Beast – Acting as transportation for the hideous Nazgul, Fell Beasts are large dragon-like creatures that are as ill-tempered as their masters. (Yes, I know that foul tempers seem to be a running theme in this tournament. All these monsters have real issues.)

Strengths: Flight could be a real advantage here. Cyclops is firmly nailed to the ground, while a Fell Beast seems like it could outmaneuver the Cyclops on the battlefield.

Weaknesses: It can be taken down, and if it somehow got caught by the Cyclops, I think the fight would be all over.

Cyclops vs. Fell Beast

  • Fell Beast (52%, 31 Votes)
  • Cyclops (48%, 29 Votes)

Total Voters: 60

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Another mythological character goes up against one of the most prominent of the Universal Monsters. Grendel has some mommy issues, and the Bride of Frankenstein has a really memorable hairdo. Who will win?

Grendel – Good thing he isn’t facing off against Beowulf in this tournament or we’d already be calling this race.

Strengths: He’s really strong and has a rampage-y attitude that could come in handy when fighting any sort of opponent.

Weaknesses: He has some real mental issues rolling around in that ugly head of his. While this could lead to more rage in his rampaging, it could also cripple his ability to fight properly.


Bride of Frankenstein – Created as a spouse for the famed monster of Frankenstein, she not only went on to star in one of the best of the classic Universal monster movies, she also sported one of cinema’s most famous hairdos ever.

Strengths: Name recognition. I’m not sure about her fighting ability, but it may be hard to vote against such an iconic character.

Weaknesses: Her strength and fighting prowess are severely limited, I think.

Grendel vs. Bride of Frankenstein

  • Grendel (78%, 35 Votes)
  • Bride of Frankenstein (22%, 10 Votes)

Total Voters: 45

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  1. Dimwit

    There’s no reason why the cyclops has no peripherial vision. As Alex said, no depth perception. Also, he’s real. He can wipe the floor with one of those CGI crapfests any day of the week.
    Harryhausen represent!

  2. EM

    Regarding the monsters having issues with foul tempers: the classic on that theme is, of course, The Raven of 1935: “Maybe if a man looks ugly, he does ugly things.”

  3. Darkchilde

    The Cyclops is twice the size of the fell beast, game over. People should stop just voting for the characters they are more familiar with and use their heads.

  4. William Henley

    Interesting, it only let me vote on the first one, it said I had already voted for the second. It did have my pick though. Weird.