On the Table: Mech Way for Minions!

Fans of ‘League of Legends’ will soon be able to bring Yordle mech-warriors to the tabletop with ‘Mechs vs. Minions’, a cooperative tower defense style board game set in the same universe as the hugely popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena.

From the product description:

Mechs vs. Minions is a cooperative tabletop campaign set in the world of Runeterra where players take on the roles of four intrepid Yordles: Corki, Tristana, Heimerdinger, and Ziggs. This team of Yordles must join forces, piloting their newly-crafted mechs against an army of marauding minions. With modular boards, programmatic command lines, and a story-driven campaign, each mission will be unique, putting players’ teamwork and piloting skills to the test.

What's inside the Mechs vs Minions game

Key features of the game include:

  • Unique Missions – ‘Mechs vs. Minions’ features a total of ten missions, with each individual mission taking approximately 60-90 minutes to play through.
  • Multiple Game Boards – The box includes five game boards, as well as four command lines (one for each player), ability and damage decks, a sand timer, six metal trackers, four acrylic shards, four dice, and…
  • Miniatures! – ‘Mechs vs. Minions’ also comes with four painted mech miniatures (shown in the image below), a bomb-like-power source miniature, and 100 minion miniatures. There also appears to be a rather large object trying to get out of that sealed box…

The four fully painted mechs

For a deeper dive into ‘Mechs vs. Minions’, including an animated tutorial video, game overviews and more, visit www.mechsvsminions.com.

‘Mechs vs. Minions’ will be available exclusively through the Riot Games Merch store on October 13th, 2016 for $75.00 US (plus s/h).

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