March Movie Madness: Alice vs. Leon – V vs. Holliday

Monday’s Movie Madness was a blowout by two of the tournament heavyweights. First, the Terminator crushed serial killer Aileen Wuornos. Then Indiana Jones pulverized Jules Winnfield, sending him on a journey to wander the world like Kane. I thought today we could pick a couple of matchups that may end up being a bit closer.

Over in the VHS Bracket, we have a great gun-slinging battle brewing between ‘Resident Evil‘ zombie-killer Alice and ‘The Professional‘ himself, Léon. Both of them are great with guns, and make what they do with triggers and bullets almost an art form. I don’t know who’s going to come out on top here.

Alice – She’s lived through numerous sequels, killing countless numbers of the undead. A while back, I said that Angelina Jolie was Hollywood’s only believable action heroine. I’m sorry, I was a bit premature in that thinking. Jovovich makes a pretty believable female action hero too. She can kill with the best of them.

Strengths: She’s a weapons expert. She’s been seen using knives with deadly accuracy. She’s also used automatic weapons with precision to send the undead back to hell. Over the course of four films, she’s actually gained some super powers like telekinesis, which she has used to kill.

Weaknesses: She’s lived this long with endless amounts of zombies and other mutated monsters trying to kill her. I’m not really sure she has any weaknesses.

Léon – A professional hit man with a heart of gold, Léon uses his weapons knowledge to fight off other humans rather than killing monsters. He’s a lonely guy whose best friend is a house plant.

Strengths: Also a weapons expert. He who was able to take on an entire SWAT team as it breached his tiny apartment. Now that takes some skills.

Weaknesses: He has an affinity towards recently orphaned little girls. No, not in that way, you pervert! He’s just so lonely that it’s nice to have a friend around. Although, bringing someone into his personal space tends to soften his heart into martyr status.

Alice vs. Léon

  • Alice (50%, 56 Votes)
  • Léon (50%, 56 Votes)

Total Voters: 112

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Down in the DVD Bracket, we’re going to take a look at one of my favorite matchups of the tournament. I promise that I didn’t plan that the two characters with the most ridiculous moustaches would go head-to-head.

V – Hell-bent on bringing down a corrupt government, V takes to the streets to start a revolution of sorts. His love for classical music and his penchant for blowing up well-known landmarks makes him a modern day terrorist with a refined taste in music. Is his terrorism justified? That’s the question.

Strengths: I think that the argument of gun versus blade ends right here. Armed with a couple of knives, V was able to kill an entire group of gun-wielding security officers.

Weaknesses: He’s still not impenetrable. Bullets cut right through him. So, maybe the argument still carries some weight. Who knows?

Doc Holliday – A drunk, but loyal friend of Wyatt Earp. Val Kilmer’s Doc Holliday stole the show in ‘Tombstone’ and now looks to steal this matchup from V. Can Holliday do it, or is he on V’s hit list?

Strengths: He’s an expert gunslinger from the Wild West. As we’ve found out, guns do have a dastardly affect on V.

Weaknesses: The ol’ alcohol. If he doesn’t die from kidney failure, a bullet from Johnny Ringo will do him in.

Doc Holliday vs. V

  • V (57%, 65 Votes)
  • Doc Holliday (43%, 49 Votes)

Total Voters: 114

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  1. Alice is indestructible, has telekinetic powers, and survived the zombie apocalypse through four consecutive movies. Leon didn’t even make it to the end of his own movie. Leon may have had a better movie, but as far as a character battle goes, this one should be a no-brainer.

      • but but but…in RE: Afterlife, Alice is stripped of her powers. that doesn’t stop her from being the ultimate fighting machine, but at least now she can’t like…blow shit up with her mind.

        i still voted for Alice, but damn that may be the best 1st round matchup.

        V vs Holliday, i went with the masked man. Holliday may shoot at the wrong guy, we saw what V can do with a few thousand duplicates.

      • You can vote for Leon. Didn’t a whole bunch of Alices die at the beginning of the fourth film, after which some Umbrella sleaze got the drop on her with a superpower antidote? It’s not impossible.

  2. Alex

    It’s hard to beat Alice. Don’t get me wrong, I love Leon: The Professional, and I think Jean Reno is the world’s lone bad-ass Frenchman, but Alice just kicked too much butt in Resident Evil.

    Now Doc Holliday versus V… something makes me think a Monkey-Island-style insult duel would be way more entertaining for these guys. Can you think of two better educated, more eloquent cold-blooded killers? I gotta give the edge to V, but just barely and for this reason:
    “No, what you have are bullets, and the hope that when your guns are empty I’m no longer standing, because if I am you’ll all be dead before you’ve reloaded.”

  3. meh, alice is all style and no substance.

    Maybe in a head to head fight she would win. But Leon would off her before it got to that, and has displayed much better ability at being stealth against adversaries with living brains.

  4. Voted Alice and Doc.

    Alice is good fun, and Leon is the favourite movie of someone I despise… Tough luck and unfair on Leon, I know, but s**t happens. 😉

    As for Doc Vs V… Never really cared for V that much. Doc on the other hand, was a classy piece of work (not to mention backed up by Kurt Russell which adds survival points to any character). Any guy who can spin a cup like that, can take out a masked poser. 😀

  5. Evan Withrow

    Just wanted to let you know that alcohol is Doc’s only weakness. Because as we all know, Johnny Ringo was no match for Doc.

  6. Aaron Peck

    The next Movie Madness post goes up in about 40 minutes. Alice is making a comeback. Can she do it? She’s one vote behind right now.

  7. Aaron Peck

    Photo-freaking-finish. That was great. One of the best first round matchups yet. Alice moves on due to the tie-breaker spelled out in the first post saying that the character with the biggest box office returns moves on.

  8. Brian Moyes

    My vote goes for Alice, because i’m a die hard Resident Evil fan. The movies? Eh. As far as Doc and V? Thats a hard one! V is way inspirational to me, but Doc is… Doc. As much as i love Doc Holliday, i’m gonna have to go with V and Alice on this one.

  9. Bill

    Weird alter-world connection between Alice and Leon – Writer Director Producer Luc Besson !

    He cast Leon (Jean Reno) a few times, and he married Alice (Milla Jovovitch) back in the 90s.