Get ‘Mad’

Did you like that ‘Lost’ auction we posted about earlier this week? Well, the producers of ‘Mad Men’ have decided to go one better. In the new charity auction being held on eBay, you can not only bid on props and costumes from the show, you even have a chance at winning a cameo in an upcoming episode. How cool is that?

Mrs. Z tipped me off to this. The following is her write-up:

If you’ve ever fantasized about living in the sleek, chic mid-century world of ‘Mad Men,’ now is your chance. The show is auctioning off vintage set pieces straight from the Sterling Cooper offices (free shipping on many large furniture items!) and costumes including the dress Betty wore to the Stork Club and Joan’s frock from the infamous lawnmower episode. Fans with deep pockets can even bid on a walk-on role on the series.

In a bit of an ironic twist for a show that relishes the smoking culture of its setting, the auction will benefit the lung cancer program at California’s City of Hope hospital. The auction begins August 12 and runs for ten days. More information can be found here.

As noted, the auction started yesterday. So be sure to get right on that if you’re interested.

Sadly, a date with Christina Hendricks does not appear to be among the items up for auction. But if you win that cameo role, maybe you can sidle up to her at the Craft Services table and try out your corniest 1960s-style pick-up line. Good luck!

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