Leaving the Stream: Week of October 3rd, 2010

At first I was happy that not much is ending its Netflix stay this week. Then I read the list and realized that while the quantity may be low, the quality is higher than usual. We’re losing some good stuff this week, so get on it!

Oldboy (10/6)

This is the second part of the ‘Vengeance’ trilogy, the first and third of which – ‘Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance’ and ‘Lady Vengeance’ – will still be available once ‘Oldboy‘ is gone. It’s an amazing movie made by South Korean director Park Chan-wook and was slated for a remake by Steven Spielberg. (It turns out that the remake may have been shut down by lawsuits.) ‘Oldboy’ is a disturbing and violent tale, but one that must be seen. (Blu-ray review.)

The Royal Tenenbaums (10/10)

The Royal Tenenbaums‘ had been sitting on my pile of shame until this summer, when I knocked out the Wes Anderson catalog all in the course of one amazing week. I didn’t get it at first –it has a style that strays far from the conventional. But once I did, I was glad I took the plunge. It has the Wilson brothers in top form, Ben Stiller in a role that doesn’t drive me insane, and both Gene Hackman and Bill Murray who perform brilliantly.

The Grand (10/10)

This mockumentary doesn’t quite hold up to the psychological thriller ‘Oldboy’ or the quirky yet lovable ‘Royal Tenenbaums,’ but ‘The Grand‘ is an entertaining movie to be sure. It’s a comedy starring David Cross, Richard Kind, Judy Greer, Woody Harrelson and Michael McKean (among others). The best performance is doled out by Werner Herzog, who plays an amped up version of himself. Definitely worth checking out.

On my queue this week: ‘Sympathy for Mr. Vengance,’ ‘Old Boy,’ ‘Lady Vengeance.’

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