‘The Last Ship’ 2.11 Recap: “Get There or Die Trying”

Last week on ‘The Last Ship’, we got lots of talking, a little dissecting, a murder mystery, Boyfriend2 avoiding getting laid, and LOTS of torpedoes. This week’s episode is all about sending signals and the good guys gettin’ their butts kicked a little.

The episode starts off with the Last Ship listening in on the newly exploded private fleet’s radio chatter. They got blasted pretty darn good and are blaming the Navy despite all the bomb/mine pieces they find that clearly indicate that the Sub planted them. The only damage the torpedo hit did to the Last Ship was to ding up the sonar. Send out the helo with a sonar buoy thing! The FAST BOAT is still out and helping survivors right as the next propaganda video is broadcast by this episode’s new mystery: Valkyrie.


First thing this episode wants to let us know is that the new contagious super cure only lasts as long as a flea treatment. You get eight days to go out and breathe on as many people as you can. Better save it for when we know there might be a good solid eight days to tromp around and do some heavy breathing. Shore leave sounds nice right about now.

The mystery portion of our show revolves around how Team Sub is getting the propaganda videos out to all the well-charged smartphones that occupy this world. The Last Ship has more or less pinpointed an area in the middle of the ocean where the signal appears to be coming from. However, since that rascally torpedo took out the sonar, they have no idea what might be out there. RELEASE THE U.V.A.!

The crew of the Last Ship figures that if they can take over the network, they can get THEIR propaganda out. The Prez is up for it. The sub is running out of torpedoes and soon the whole world will be back on our side. Ooh RAH!

The U.V.A. finds the broadcast location on a deserted oil rig! Seems low risk. Let’s go! After a montage (MONTAGE!) of the Prez making his video/loading up the FAST BOAT, the Away Team heads to the oil rig. The Captain, WOLF, Boyfriend2, Girlfriend2 and a couple of red shirts buzz over there.

Nothing here but radio antennas! Oh… and a hot chick with a handgun. This must be Valkyrie. It would seem that Older Bruv has her all brainwashed up, like the Prez was. Fortunately, she doesn’t need an entire episode to bring her back to the good side. Whew! Now shut it down!

Meanwhile, back on the private fleet inferno survivor beach, folks watch the latest propaganda video: ‘The Navy = BAD, Part II’. The Immune prisoner who was on the FAST BOAT riles up the survivors up by pointing out the obviously Navy dudes with the word “NAVY” literally stitched onto the front of their uniforms (who have been there all night helping out). They did this! Git ’em! Navy dudes escape, but not before Comic Relief Tex gets shot in the ass.

After that brief chuckle, it’s time to turn up the action. A presumably private craft rocks up to the oil rig armed with a BAZOOKA! It blasts the living daylights out of the rig. Expendable Guy 1 gets wasted. The Last Shippies fire back with their rifles, with ZERO effect. Crap! Send the helos for support! The Away Team is in some serious trouble and everyone looks pretty banged up. BAZOOKA BLAST TWO! There’s a gas leak! They are SCREWED! BLAMO!

The helo makes it back to the ship with the Away Team in various bits and pieces.

The Away Team is in terrible shape. Young Engineer Dude totally croaks in front of the captain. The captain is looking pretty rough too with his gnarly shrapnel wound. WOLF is looking after Girlfriend2’s mean-ass wounds. Boyfriend2, also beat up pretty bad, drags his sorry butt over to her for a pep talk. She ain’t gonna make it and goes out hard.

The episode ends by successfully un-brainwashing Valkyrie while Master Chief gives a “Wherever there is trouble and the call for help goes out, we’ll be there” speech.

The episode only has a little bit of muntions action, but it sure has some explosions… and ACTUAL casualties we sorta care about. This episode seems a decent lead-up to the finale in two weeks… where there may be a SUB BATTLE! Breath is held!

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