‘The Killing’ 1.10 Recap: “Rat Boy”

Bennett is alive! Well, kind of. He’s in the Intensive Care Unit at the hospital and will probably end up dying from the beating old Stan Larsen put on him. In other ‘The Killing’ news, Belko Royce is as nutty as they come.

The scariest thing about episode ‘I’ll Let You Know When I Get There’ is meeting Belko’s cougar mom, who seems to be running completely on cigarettes and moth balls. When Holder and Linden visit Belko’s home, they find a creepy Rosie collage on his ceiling, but it turns out to be just another red herring. They’re no closer to solving this case than when the season started. Will they ever solve it?

Meanwhile, Stan spends his time languishing in jail while thinking about the stupid mistake he made. Mitch has to take over the everyday operations of the family moving business, where she finds out that the family now has no money at all. Could this be because of Stan’s gambling problems?

Speaking of gambling, Linden finally puts some pieces together and figures out what the mysterious key chain matches. It’s a casino’s logo. What’s inside that casino? I assume that the key goes to a locker, or maybe a room? Who knows? It’s a nice cliffhanger to leave us on. Even though Linden and Holder aren’t any closer to naming a suspect in the case, the last few scenes give us a little bit of hope that they’re actually going to solve this thing.

I still enjoy each episode of ‘The Killing’, but it’s getting a little redundant. The ending montages are starting to get old. The show’s theme music plays as each character is shown staring longingly off into the distance. I don’t know, it’s just getting a little tiresome.

Other Random Thoughts:
  • Are they trying to intentionally mislead us about Stan and his gambling problems? Or did he really gamble away the family’s money?
  • Does Richmond know more about Rosie than he’s letting on? That footage of him shaking her hand looks curious – like it was more than just a happenstance meeting.
  • Will Linden ever leave? It seems like her relationship with her fiancé is deteriorating by the second. I think she’s doomed to live a life of loneliness if she can’t let her job go.
  • Holder has a Sawyer-like gift for nicknames. “Rat Boy” made me laugh.


  1. TJ Kats

    I assumed the money being gone was all because he poured it into the house he was going to surprise everyone with. He talked earlier in the season about selling it because he didn’t want to uproot the family at this time but didn’t think he could afford to hold onto it. Since he bought it on his own that would be why Mitch doesn’t know anything about it.

    • I agree. The Larsens don’t have any money because Stan spent it all on that house that he hasn’t told Mitch about yet.

      As for the casino, I’m assuming that Rosie was secretly working there without telling her parents, perhaps as an “escort.” If so, it would appear that the show is back to cribbing from Twin Peaks. When the episode ended, Mrs. Z and I both commented that, “So Rosie was working at One Eyed Jack’s, huh?” All we need now is the revelation that Richmond was her biggest client.

  2. Mike

    I agree, show is awful draggy. The “Seattle” touches have gotten pretty sad too. I’ve wondered if Rosie was at the casino for Stan for some reason. Remember the whole, ‘Stan, why didn’t you call her all weekend?’ scene? Also curious out that moment where the father of one of the early suspects had that weird moment with the aunt at the funeral reception.

  3. Aaron Peck

    Gah! I already forget about the house subplot, although in my defense that episode made it sound like Stan had blown all the money on gambling, because right before Mitch finds out Holder talks about his gambling problems, and then at the end we get the big reveal of the casino. The house seems like the logical solution though, but since when has much of this show been all that logical? I mean, Richmond got 5 million bucks for hitting a free throw.

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