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‘Beginners’, the latest film from writer/director Mike Mills (‘Thumbsucker’), stars Ewan McGregor as a 38-year-old lonely guy stuck questioning the life he lives and the direction he’s headed. Three events in his recent past have left him feeling alone and directionless: the death of his mother, his father coming out of the closet, and his father’s futile battle with cancer. When he meets an impulsive beautiful girl (Mélanie Laurent from ‘Inglourious Basterds‘) who seems like she jumped off the screen of an old French New Wave film, he’s forced to stop being wishy-washy and take control of his life.

Mills has the amazing talent of being able to put things on screen that stir up genuine emotion within, making you feel like you truly are or have been through those same events. The romantic relationship between McGregor and Laurent in ‘Beginners’ makes you experience head-over-heels love at first sight for the first time again. His characters are so honest and fleshed-out that they feel like your friends, not just two-hour on-screen acquaintances.

For a refreshing original film whose unique story and characters will stay with you long after the credits have finished, check out ‘Beginners’. Although it’s receiving a small limited release this weekend, it’s set to expand throughout the next few weeks.

Here’s a look at the trailer.

Rating: ★★★★½

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