‘The Killing’ 1.07 Recap: “I Have to Wrap up This Case”

Last week’s episode of ‘The Killing’ ended with Stan Larsen driving Bennett to an undisclosed location with a malevolent look on his face. It’s easy to see that he’s fighting his demons from his checkered past. The question is, will those demons surface?

In this past Sunday’s episode, ‘Vengeance’, Linden is still having trouble leaving Seattle. This case has sucked her in. This episode really gives us good insight into Linden’s inner workings – how obsessive she is, what that obsession has cost her in the past, and what it may cost her now. Is she willing to risk her impending marriage and her relationship with her son for this one case?

Holder is having trouble with Linden. He’s ready to take over this case, but he can’t get the lead in the investigation with Linden still hanging around. It’s evident that this is going to come to a boiling point sooner rather than later. We still have questions surrounding Holder, though. Who has he been accepting money from? And why is that money in unmarked envelopes?

Richmond sticks to his moral guns by not firing Bennett from the Seattle All Stars program, but it may just cost him the election. Even though Bennett hasn’t been charged with anything, Richmond is under extreme pressure to distance himself from the man. We also learn some crucial evidence about Richmond’s past regarding the tragic passing of his wife due to a drunk driver. That’s been kept mysterious up until now.

After Stan Larsen doesn’t actually end up killing Bennett, the two detectives decide to follow up on a lead that they got from Bennett’s wife. A man named Mohammad, who studies Quran with Bennett, may have been over at his house the night of the murder. Sadly for the two detectives, they seem to have walked in on an FBI sting. This part of the episode sparked the most unintentionally funny moment of the season so far. Seriously, how many times does the team of FBI agents have to yell “FBI! FBI!”?

Other random thoughts:

  • It’s a pretty safe bet that Linden is never going to leave Seattle. At least, not for the foreseeable future. We all know that she’s going to miss planes and just plain forget where she has to be. Let’s not waste any more time watching her try to make a plane flight she’s never going to get on.
  • The more I think about the case, the more I think it’s politically motivated. The sitting mayor seems to have the most to gain from the backlash against Richmond. He’s got to be behind this somehow.
  • Regarding the above statement, I still wonder why Bennett would have anything to do with the murder if the mayor was involved, since Bennett is best pals with Richmond. So, I guess that contradicts my own suspicions.
  • What did Linden and Holder see in that freezer that made them go wide-eyed and silent?

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