‘Hung’ 2.02 Recap: “I Have Class, I’m Extremely F*ing Classy!”

I don’t think I realized this last season, before I started recapping, but the writers of ‘Hung’ appear to be big fans of the double-title. Looking over the episode list since the show’s beginning, most episodes have two titles. Does this mean they’re overflowing with great ideas, or just indecisive? You be the judge. This week’s two-fer is ‘Tuscon is the Gateway to D., or This is Not Sexy’. The “D” stands for… well, you can figure that out for yourself.

So, here’s the run-down of what happens this week:

Ray’s sexy neighbor lady buys him a nice bed because she’s tired of screwing on the floor. He refuses it. He may be a man-whore, but he wants to have one relationship where he doesn’t feel indebted to anyone. This theme will come back around later.

Tanya is upset that Lenore keeps cutting her out of the business, and so forcibly imposes herself on a client meeting. Lenore’s been attempting to woo a wealthy older woman with a spa package in Tuscon. Tanya, being a big believer in just cutting to the chase, blurts out the real purpose of Happiness Consultants, which scares the woman away. Lenore yells at her for lacking the business sense or class to talk to such a woman.

Ray is still seeing the pregnant client, Claire. It turns out that she’s been using his services because her husband left her. But now he keeps calling, trying to get her back. She refuses to take the calls. This brings up Ray’s own conflicted feelings about the end of his marriage, and he makes the mistake of suggesting that she give her husband another chance. This just upsets her, so she throws him out.

Lenore has also been trying to get Jessica back as a client, but Jessica avoids her. Her mother tells her that she needs to make a decision between Ray and Ronnie.

Ray sets up another bowling date with Jessica, but this time she brings the kids, her mother, and Ronnie as buffers. So much for date night.

Tanya stops by the wealthy woman’s house to apologize and make amends. It doesn’t go especially well, but Tanya pushes on. She awkwardly ingratiates herself into the woman’s home, and once more speaks frankly about the services her business offers. This time, the woman agrees to take a business card and think about it. Tanya sees this as a great victory, and tries to rub it in Lenore’s face later. Lenore is aghast.

Ray’s daughter Darby has joined a group of other fat girls to protest against a gym and society’s fixation on body image. (Listen, I’m far from a stick figure here myself, but I find this storyline stupid and condescending.) Anyway, Jessica finds out about this and tries to act supportive, but the intrusion of this thin woman at their rally upsets the other fatties and embarrasses Darby, thus driving another wedge between mother and daughter. Frazzled that nothing in her life seems to be going right, Jessica finally calls Lenore back.

Ray gets another appointment with Claire and, rather than just do what he’s there for, makes another pitch that she should try to repair her marriage. Claire tells him bluntly that she has no illusions about their relationship, and that she knows what she wants. She offers him an extra $1,000 in cash to shut up and follow through on what she’s paying for. Effectively put back in his place, Ray accepts that their relationship has only ever been a business transaction, and agrees… for $1,200.

When he gets home, he brings in the bed that he’d been refusing. If he’s going to be a whore, he might as well embrace it and sleep comfortably for a change.

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