The Humble Bundle: Buy Some Games for Charity

Who said gaming culture never accomplished anything? The industry and the fans are often painted in a poor light by the mainstream media, but gamers do plenty of good, especially when the holidays come around. One great example is the Humble Indie Bundle, a collection of videogames sold for charity. Here’s a chance to give back and support a great cause while getting to play some amazing games in the process.

Two different causes are highlighted this year. The first is the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a group that fights for free speech, privacy and fair use while combating censorship in all forms electronic. The EFF recently helped to keep email as a form of communication protected under the fourth amendment. They even work to bring more accessibility of electronic material to those who otherwise couldn’t use it, including the blind.

The other group that the Humble Indie Bundle helps is a cause called Child’s Play. It was started back in 2003 by the guys from Penny Arcade, and exists to get toys, games and books into the hands of kids in hospitals across the country. It’s a cause that’s simple to get behind, and doing something to cheer up a sick kid couldn’t be any more in the spirit of the season.

If you’re looking for your chance to give back and help out some folks who could really use it, check it out. In addition to being nice and helping folks out, you’ll get yourself some games too.

No matter how much you donate, you’ll get ‘Braid’, ‘Machinarium’, ‘Revenge of the Titans’ and more. It’s a great bundle of amazing games for however much money you want to donate. As a bonus, if you donate $7.50 or more, you’ll get last year’s Indie Bundle games too, including ‘Gish’, ‘Penumbra’ and the incredibly successful ‘World of Goo’. You’ll even get a few soundtracks to go with it – not too bad!

Swing on over and pick up the Humble Indie Bundle, donate some cash, and support independent gaming. It’s a win/win.

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