R.I.P. Harold Ramis

Some days, there’s just no justice in the universe. Actor and filmmaker Harold Ramis, creator of classic comedies such as ‘Caddyshack’, ‘Ghostbusters’ and ‘Groundhog Day’, has died suddenly at the age of 69. If we could relive this day, could someone please prevent this from happening?

After starting out as a writer and performer in Chicago’s Second City comedy troupe and its ‘SCTV’ television series, Ramis broke into the movies in a big way with his script for the instant classic ‘Animal House’. He went on to write other hits including ‘Meatballs’, ‘Stripes’ and ‘Ghostbusters’ (also starring in the latter two). As director, he helmed ‘Caddyshack’, ‘Vacation’, ‘Groundhog Day’ and ‘Analyze This’, among others.

Even if he also had a few duds (such as the ‘Bedazzled’ remake and his final film, ‘Year One’) mixed in there, the guy was, simply put, a comedy legend. According to pretty much everyone who knew him, he was also one of the nicest people to ever work in Hollywood.

Harold Ramis died on Monday morning from complications related to a rare circulatory disease called autoimmune inflammatory vasculitis, which he suffered from for a few years. He leaves behind a wife and three adult children.

The following Harold Ramis movies are currently available on Blu-ray:

Additionally, Ramis directed several episodes of ‘The Office’ in Season 3 (‘A Benihana Christmas’, ‘Safety Training’ and ‘Beach Games’) and Season 6 (‘The Delivery: Part 2’).

[Source: Chicago Tribune]


  1. Just when you’re coming to terms with the loss of one incredible talent, you lose another.

    Guess we can kiss GHOSTBUSTERS III goodbye, but it probably was never going to happen anyway.

    RIP Harold.

    • William Henley

      I guess we always could have an animated or CGI Ghostbusters, or more likely, a Ghostbusters reboot. I mean, do we really want to see Dan and Bill in those exterminator suits at their age? Could you imagine Peter still trying to hit on Dana 30 years later?

      I just want to see a movie based on the original Ghostbusters script, before they had to rewrite the entire movie based on budget and technical concerns.

  2. Timcharger

    As a kid, my brother and I would play as long as we could, and only go use the restroom at the very last second.

    So we would push and rush into the toilet together. Brothers didn’t care about things like closing or closed bathroom doors.

    Harold Ramis’ advice in Ghostbusters about never, never ever cross streams. Very poignant advice.

  3. Excellent post here Joshua but I actually like the “Bedazzled” remake. I mean I know it’s really not that good and all but it is highly entertaining for me in a guilty pleasure sort of way so I disagree with you a little when you say that it’s a dud. But, oh well this was still an excellent piece on a decent director, so I’ll just deal with it.

    P.S. I know that this is nearly five months late and all but still.

    • Chris B

      Not to mention Elizabeth Hurley looking incredibly hot throughout the entire movie….for that reason alone it’s worth watching…

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