Get Ready – Golden Globes Live-Blog This Sunday!

Consider this your fair warning. When the Golden Globe Awards air this Sunday, January 15th at 8 PM EST on NBC, The Bonus View will live-blog the event with contests where you can win free Blu-ray goodies. Even if you’ve won any of our other contests within the past year, the normal rules that would prohibit you from winning again will be set aside. While no one takes the Golden Globes seriously as an awards ceremony, the telecast itself is usually a good time. With Ricky Gervais hosting again after last year’s controversial run, what he does this time should be really interesting. Be sure to join us here on Sunday for all the fun!


  1. It was good fun last year. Looking forward to it. Though lets hope there’s a better chat app this time so you don’t have to approve each message. I think we killed Dick last time.

    • Josh Zyber

      If you have any suggestions, please pass them along. We tested a couple of different live-blogging apps that didn’t work out for us, so it looks like we’re stuck with Cover-It-Live.

      I’ll try to structure the contests so that there’s less of a burden on the guys we’ll have moderating the comments. I’m still working out the details on that, but I have some ideas.

      • Sorry it took we awhile to respond. You could always just create a channel in Ustream and just use the chat function only. They do this in a few podcast like for the Engadget HD podcast and it has worked great. I think you can embed it into the blog. Stickam is another option.

  2. Something that would help is when you chat type full complete thoughts and sentences. With so many responses coming through I can tell you I’m not going to go out of my way to approve “LOLs” and the like.