‘Entourage’ 7.04 Recap: “It’s Gonna Be a Long Day for Uncle Jesse”

Is it even possible? A new episode of ‘Entourage’ that has a pretty fair number of solid laughs? I can hardly believe it. I’ve gotten so used to the show just sort of being there, something I continue to watch out of obligation because it once used to be great, a long time ago. While I wouldn’t say that ‘Tequila Sunrise’ signals a new renaissance in hilarity for the series, the episode is certainly a bit livelier than most this season. A lot of that has to do with a guest appearance from John Stamos, gamely spoofing himself. Can we make him a regular? Please?

The episode picks up with Drama hosting a meet-and-greet with Stamos at Vince’s pad. He’s desperate to convince him to sign onto the new sitcom project. Stamos is a lot more interested in talking with and hanging out with Vince. He repeatedly calls Drama “Jimmy” and blithely ignores him, until he spots Vince’s ping-pong table and becomes obsessed. Turns out that Stamos is a ping-pong fanatic, and even has a Korean trainer. This all leads to an epic ping-pong battle between Drama and Stamos. When Drama kicks his butt, Stamos storms out in a huff.

Frantic that his sitcom is falling apart, Drama pays Stamos a visit to… apologize for winning, I guess. He finds the actor manaically practicing with his trainer. Stamos claims that he only lost because he didn’t have his own paddle, and challenges Johnny to a rematch. If Drama wins, Stamos will do the show. Thus commences another epic battle, and this time Stamos pulls out a victory. Johnny graciously congratulates him, and starts to walk out dejectedly. But Stamos agrees to at least read the script. It’s a Maybe, but Drama claims it as a victory. He also tells the guys that he threw the match, which probably isn’t true.

Vince is very excited about the ‘Air-Walker’ script that douchebag Scotty found for him, and basically commits to it before Eric even has a chance to read the thing. Scott continues to be a dick for most of the episode, but he and Eric eventually call a truce.

Ari starts out having a good day, after a successful meeting with most of the power players in town to pitch them on investing in his new NFL team. Things turn sour, however, when news comes that disgruntled former employee Lizzie has been making big moves behind his back, and could pose a viable threat to his interests.

In the least interesting storyline, Turtle flies to Mexico with bimbo Alex, even though he’s convinced that this “business proposition” she keeps talking about will turn out to be illegal. Well, it’s actually not. She connects him with a friend of the family who runs a major tequila empire and wants to make a move into the American market. That sounds great, but what do they need Turtle for? Why, his connection to Vince, of course. They want Aquaman as their spokesperson. Turtle gets pissed when he finds out what they really want from him, but agrees to stick around and tour the factory when flirty Alex cock-teases him a whole bunch.

This Turtle storyline is dead boring, and needs to end right now. Even the Ari storyline kind of feels like the writers are struggling to find reasons to keep him on the show now that he has so little interaction with Vince. However, the rivalry between E and Scotty has its moments, and the Stamos storyline this week is really funny. That’s a better success rate than usual of late. I’ll take it.

Is anyone else out there still sticking with the show? Or has everyone given up on it?

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