‘Entourage’ 7.02 Recap: Hustle & Flowbee

‘Entourage’ has always been one of those shows about nothing. The point of watching is to hang around with the characters for a bit, not to follow some intricate plot. I get that. Even so, seven seasons in, I feel like I need more than a character getting a haircut to keep me engaged. Is that just me? Still, episode ‘Buzzed’ has a few solid laughs and is generally more interesting and entertaining than last week’s premiere.

The main storyline this week has Vince wallowing in a weird funk ever since his almost-accident last week. He decides that he needs to shake himself out of it by making some big changes to his life. To start, he needs a haircut. Lacking the time to get his stylist to do it right, he takes some clippers to the hair himself. Not to be crass, but the results kind of make him look like a middle-aged lesbian. Of course, no one wants to tell him that.

At a promotional interview for his Ferrari biopic, Vince also lets fly a zinger about how his other pending movie – the one he just shot with Nick Cassavetes and crashed that car for – is probably going to suck. He meant it as a joke, but it doesn’t come out quite right. And, being an interview for ‘Access Hollywood’, the show is almost certainly going to soundbyte it out of context and blow it up into a manufactured controversy. Vince can’t be bothered to care. He brushes it off and tells Shauna to take care of it. The biggest laugh of the episode comes when the sweet-faced Maria Menounos bluntly tells Shauna to fuck off. It seems that she hates Shauna’s guts for sleeping with her ex.

Shauna punts this problem over to Ari, but Ari has his hands full with other matters and totally drops the ball. (Didja see what I did there, what with the football metaphors?) Ari’s desperate to lock down the TV rights for the NFL, and is in a tizzy about getting a meeting with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Long story short on this one, he doesn’t get the TV rights, but Jones informs him that the NFL wants to start a new team in LA. He suggests that Ari could be the owner of that team. Ari is so overjoyed that he has an innocent but inappropriate-looking hug with Lizzie, the agent who had an affair with Andrew last season and that Ari was supposed to fire but didn’t. His wife sees this and storms out pissed. Uh oh.

There are some shenanigans involving Turtle finding out that his corporate credit card is maxed out. He blames the bimbo driver who quit last episode. Turns out she didn’t do it. It was really a simple overcharge mistake. He yells at her, then he apologizes, then he tells her he likes her. This storyline is obviously going to take up a big chunk of the season, but it just isn’t as interesting as the writers seem to think. This girl is no Meadow Soprano.

Eric agrees to read some scripts to help Johnny get a new job. When all the scripts suck, he suggests that they need to think about building a show around Johnny. Johnny asks E to officially manage him, and E agrees.

While he’s waiting around in Eric’s office, Vince gets antsy and strikes up a conversion with E’s douchebag rival, Scott. This somehow leads to the two of them sneaking out to go skydiving together.

The episode ends with Nick Cassavetes calling to yell at Ari. Not about the ‘Access Hollywood’ interview, though. He doesn’t give a crap about that. He’s upset because Vince cut his hair without telling him, which means Cassavetes can’t do the reshoots he was planning. Whoops. Vince should have known that, in Hollywood, something as superficial as a bad haircut can doom an actor’s career. But Vince’s career has been doomed before. I’m sure he’ll work his way out of this bind soon enough.

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