Just a Friendly Reminder – Conan’s Back!

That’s right, everyone’s favorite red-headed late night comedian is back on the air.

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock, or somehow avoiding the commercials on TV, radio and the internet, I feel like it’s my public duty to let you know that Conan O’Brien is back. And folks, he’s still got it.

Conan’s new show, simply titled ‘Conan’, started up on Monday and is off to a great start. After a lengthy internet campaign and a very disappointing episode zero, the show is finally on the air.

Thankfully, the break didn’t slow Conan down a bit. The first episode was incredibly funny and featured Seth Rogan, Lea Michele from ‘Glee’, and a musical performance by Jack White featuring Conan himself. From start to finish, it was a wonderfully done episode.

The second seemed a little bit off at first, perhaps because of the crowd or simply because Conan wasn’t flying on the first show high that seemed to propel him through the initial episode. There were some great moments, though, including interviews with ’30 Rock’ star Jack McBrayer and Tom Hanks, who showed himself to be a really good sport for the sake of comedy.

You can watch the show live at 11:00 PM EST on TBS. If you can’t catch it then, you can also watch full episodes the next day over at TeamCoco.com. They’re not the best in terms of quality, but a stuttery SD ‘Conan’ is better than no ‘Conan’ at all.


  1. BostonMA

    finishing episode 2 right now. i loved the series cold opener, particularly The Godfather reference, and the Mad Men bit was pretty funny too.

    indeed, it’s good to have Conan back.

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