Six Seasons and a Movie After All?

Destiny calls for ‘Community’. The cult sitcom has survived perpetually terrible ratings, the firing and rehiring of the show’s creator, and now even cancelation. Against all odds, the series will return for a sixth season… but not on NBC.

Honestly, I have to give NBC credit for keeping ‘Community’ on the air as long it did. Five seasons was a hell of a run. On any other network, the show’s ratings would have led to immediate cancelation in the first season. Fortunately, NBC’s standards for success are quite low these days, and the sitcom’s small fan base remained consistent and loyal, even during the turbulent fourth season, when the network fired creator Dan Harmon (a cult figure with a fanatical following of his own) only to bring him back a year later. Nevertheless, the series finally hit its breaking point this past spring and, to absolutely no one’s surprise, NBC pulled the plug.

Even so, fans held out hope that some other network might pick up the show – perhaps a cable outlet or at least a major streaming service. HULU was rumored to be in talks with Sony Pictures Television, which produces the series, but those negotiations reportedly broke down as the contract deadlines for the cast and crew approached.

Just as it looked like ‘Community’ had hit the end of its line, Sony struck a last-minute deal to produce a sixth season for Yahoo!, which will air it on the Yahoo! Screen streaming service.

Personally, I’d never even heard of Yahoo! Screen before. Can this be streamed to a television, or would I have to watch it on a computer? I don’t know if I could deal with the latter.

As much as I love ‘Community’, I think the show peaked a while back and should bow out gracefully. Despite the return of Dan Harmon, the fifth season was very uneven and ended with a weak finale. Sure, it had the occasional flash of brilliance such as that spot-on ‘G.I. Joe’ parody, but I honestly think that the much-derided fourth season was more consistent and ended on a stronger note.

I’ll probably watch if I can find a convenient method to do so, but I doubt that ‘Community’ will still be the appointment viewing that it once was.

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  1. Opinionhaver

    I’ve watched Community from day one, but I’m sorry to say enough is enough. The 4th season was like watching a friend get into a devastating auto accident and the 5th season was like seeing that friend on life support: you just wish it a peaceful, painless end.

    Will I watch a 6th season? Probably. But if it were up to me, I’d just sadly pull the plug.

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