Mid-Week Poll: How Do You Watch Your Movies on Christmas Day?

If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably going to enjoy at least one movie on Christmas day. We’ve got just one question: How?

In the Ward house, we have very few unique holiday traditions, but there’s an unspoken rule we follow every year. After we finish opening presents, we get a good meal going and then sit back to enjoy whatever DVD or Blu-ray is most appealing to the whole family. Last year, we got my dad ‘Star Trek‘ on DVD, and we sat down as a family to enjoy the fantastic reboot.

After that, when we’re all playing with our new toys, we switch the TV to whatever channel is showing the best Christmas movie at the time. We don’t really watch it, but it’s nice to have some sort of Christmas-themed background noise going on.

It’s very rare that we’ll leave the house on Christmas day if we can avoid it, but we did drive to a theater that was showing ‘The Wizard of Oz‘ one year. It felt strange, being outside the house on Christmas, but seeing that classic film on the big screen was well worth it.

So, what are your plans? Do you go out or stay in? Do you even watch movies on Christmas? We want to know!

How Do You Get Your Christmas Movie Fix?

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  1. EM

    I answered that I pop in DVDs and/or Blu-rays. I have a few Christmas-themed movies, TV specials, and TV episodes on disc that I like to watch this time of year, and usually at least some of that material gets watched on Christmas Day itself.

    In addition, I have a large collection of Christmas audio CDs that I like to play. I can accompany the CDs with an appropriate ambient Blu-ray or DVD on mute, like “HD Moods: Fire: or “A Stained Glass Christmas”.

    The family might also enjoy watching something non-Christmasy, either something owned on disc or something that happens to be on TV at the moment.

  2. Alex

    Oddly enough, my movie-watching on Christmas is usually late at night, after everyone has gone to bed. My family tends to put a lot of emphasis on conversation and eating on Christmas Day, and I think my mother might faint if I suggested that we should watch a movie. December 26th, however, I run every blu-ray I received back-to-back-to-back.

  3. on Christmas after dinner which is usually in the mid afternoon , i go to my room and put on a movie i just received as a gift. it started Christmas 86 with Indiana Jones and the temple of doom. 8 th grade. a great tradition.

  4. Jane Morgan

    We play the new video games in the morning, spend the afternoon outdoors in a snowy woods, and watch two blu-rays in the evening, one for the kids, one for the adults.

    We’ve started buying holiday movies on blu-ray because they’re almost impossible to netflix. Plus, if you watch a movie once per year, every year for a decade, it’s cheaper to own than rent.

  5. Mrs. Z and I head up to visit the in-laws in Maine for the holiday. Notions of “home theater” there are laughable, so we can scratch the Blu-ray/DVD option.

    The last few years, we’ve taken a friend out to the theater. We have a running joke that, no matter what movie we pick to see, they invariably have at least one scene where a character gets shot in the head. This started with No Country for Old Men. You’d think that Slumdog Millionaire would be a nice pleasant love story with no head-shooting, wouldn’t you? Nope, one dude takes a bullet to the face in that one too.

    This year’s entry will be True Grit. I’m counting on it to uphold the tradition. 🙂

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