‘Burn Notice’ 5.06 Recap: “You Are Taking Big Risks, Michael”

In last week’s episode of ‘Burn Notice, called ‘Enemy of My Enemy’, Michael and the gang search for the Michael Westen lookalike who purchased that cell phone at the mini-mart. However, the CIA has even bigger plans for them.

While the crew tries to track down the man who went to great lengths to look like Michael Westen, Michael’s new CIA handler has a job for him. A few no-good Serbians have stolen a U.S. Predator drone, and the government wants it back. As a person not officially on the CIA payroll, Michael is allowed to do things his way.

As is par for the course, Michael recruits Sam, Fiona, and Jesse for another mission where cover IDs are used, and the gang tries to infiltrate criminal organizations based solely on the characters that they come up with.

Michael’s big plan is actually pretty fun to watch play out. It’s interesting to think of this type of thing happening in real life. I’m sure the CIA has done something to this effect many times over. Michael doesn’t have the resources to identify the Serbians who stole the drone or locate where they’re hiding. So, he and Sam convince one of Florida’s most ruthless drug dealers that the Serbians are his competition. The hope is that the drug kingpin will have the resources to find the Serbs. Then, the team can snatch up the drone while the two gangs fight it out against each other.

The conflict comes when Michael takes even greater risks with himself and his friends. Up until now’, Michael and his crew seem to always have things under control. This episode, we see how things can quickly spiral out of control when Michael plays fast and loose with his friends.

Michael puts Sam in a position to infiltrate the drug kingpin’s organization, but it’s in a very limited and dangerous role. Sam basically ends up becoming a hostage, and we have no idea if he’ll make it out of there alive.

Of course, since Sam is one of the main characters, he’s going to get out of the situation. But it’s been interesting to watch Michael’s arc this season. Does he care more about helping out the CIA than he does about the safety of his friends? That seems to be the direction this season is taking.

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