‘Burn Notice’ 5.05 Recap: “He’s Got You Down, Michael”

I think we’ve established the kind of formula that ‘Burn Notice’ will have this season. Michael and the gang will take on more clients that need help while Michael also tries to diffuse his problems with being framed for Max’s murder. In other words, Season Five is hitting its stride.

Michael has a new problem in ‘Square One’. The CIA has brought in an investigator to find out who really killed Max. Michael’s solution is to get as close to the investigation as possible so that he can manipulate the information. It’s a smart plan, really. He can look for the real killer, all the while keeping the CIA off of his tail.

The client this episode is an army buddy of Michael’s whose sister has been beaten up by her boyfriend. Well, that’s what we’re led to believe until we find out that she was really beaten up by a sleazebag scam artist. Michael, Sam, Fiona and Jesse set about to bring the scam artist’s whole network to the ground.

It’s fun to watch them work the guy over so badly. I must say that I miss Emo Michael from the last episode, but he’s just as good when he’s playing a douchebag with money. This time, Michael takes on the persona of a scam artist at the top who has a nationwide network of Medicaid fraud going on. His plan is to “recruit” this new con man, have him reveal his network’s workings, and then cart him off to jail.

Yes, the plan works. That’s all well and good, but it’s nice to see Michael changing. I love the subtle jabs at Michael and his new décor since Fiona moved in. It’s interesting to watch how he reacts to the high-strung client they take on, and to see him take control of a volatile situation.

I think it’s hilarious that Sam doesn’t mind admitting to having a Sugar Mama. It’s his life goal to lock down a rich woman so that he can sip Mojitos poolside all day long.

Another bombshell gets dropped at the end of this episode. Michael is able to get his hands on a surveillance tape from a convenience store where he suspects Max’s real killer bought a disposable cell phone. Instead of finding the killer, the video shows Michael – or someone who looks and walks exactly like him – buying the cell phone. What does he do now?

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