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I think I blew my timing on this one. I had planned to post about this on Friday, in order to give you guys advance notice in case you wanted to bid on any of the ‘Back to the Future’ movie props that Profiles in History auctioned off over the weekend. But I missed it, and now the auction’s over. Sorry about that. Let’s be honest, though. None of us here could have afforded any of this stuff anyway. So, let’s take a look at how much things went for.

As part of its Auction 42 event on Saturday, Profiles in History offered up a big selection of movie props and memorabilia from the ‘Back to the Future‘ trilogy. Interesting items of note included:

A chance to have lunch with producer Bob Gale earned $1,300.

A rare SFX “transformation” photo with Eric Stoltz as Marty McFly also went for $1,300.

A visual effects photo with Marty (Michael J. Fox) disappearing sold for $3,750.

Several prop newspapers (including a few ‘USA Today’ issues from the future depicted in ‘Part II’) fetched between $2,000 to $4,000 a piece.

A single one of Marty’s futuristic Nike sneakers from ‘Part II’ was worth $14,000.

That sports almanac that caused so much havoc in Biff’s hands drew no less than $15,000.

Someone paid $75,000 for Marty’s “resizing” future jacket from ‘Part II’.

And the biggest item by far was the technically-accurate reproduction of the DeLorean time machine, which sold for a whopping $95,000!

Feeling like you missed out? You’re not completely out of luck. Auction 43 in December will have at least one more ‘BTTF’ item: the pink hoverboard from ‘Part II’. I can’t wait to see what that one goes for. (Don’t get your hopes up that it will actually hover.)

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