Weekend Box Office: ‘Gatsby’ Sees Great Return

I imagine that Baz Luhrmann and the folks at Warner Bros. must be doing “jazz hands” right about now. While they didn’t pack enough punch to dethrone the ‘Iron Man’ behemoth, they still put up a pretty damn fantastic fight.

Defending champion ‘Iron Man 3‘ is unstoppable right now. Its second weekend brought in another $72.5 million domestically and $89.3 million internationally. The first movie in Phase Two of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe has now made over $950 million worldwide. Until he climbed aboard ‘Iron Man’, I’m certain that no one ever expected Shane Black to join the billion-dollar club, but he’s just about there.

Although mixed reviews have given the high society drama a dismal 48% Rotten Tomatoes rating, ‘The Great Gatsby‘ outpaced expectations by nearly $10 million, debuting with a domestic total of $51.1 million. All signs point to international success as well, as Baz Luhrmann’s take on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel is opening the Cannes Film Festival this week. Despite looking uber-expensive, ‘Gatsby’ only cost $105 million to make.

Peeples‘ opened to less-than-spectacular numbers considering the involvement of Tyler Perry. The comedy’s $4.8 million debut wasn’t enough to hold off the $5 million third weekend for ‘Pain & Gain‘. In fifth place, ‘42‘ made almost as much as the ‘Peeples’ debut. In its fifth weekend, the Jackie Robinson biopic pulled in another $4.6 million, bringing its domestic total up to $84.7 million.

Luke Evans’ limited indie release ‘No One Lives‘ had an awful opening. On 53 screens, the horror-thriller only earned $45,900.That’s a per-screen average of only $866.

No numbers have been released concerning the Eli Roth-produced thriller ‘Aftershock‘.

Top 10:

1. ‘Iron Man 3’ (Buena Vista) – $72,472,000

2. ‘The Great Gatsby’ (Warner Bros.) – $51,115,000

3. ‘Pain & Gain’ (Paramount) – $5,000,000

4. ‘Peepels’ (Lionsgate) – $4,850,000

5. ’42’ (Warner Bros.) – $4,650,000

6. ‘Oblivion’ (Universal) – $3,864,000

7. ‘The Croods’ (Fox) – $3,600,000

8. ‘The Big Wedding’ (Lionsgate) – $2,500,000

9. ‘Mud’ (Roadside Attractions) – $2,343,000

10. ‘Oz: The Great and Powerful’ (Buena Vista) – $802,000

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