Weekend Box Office: Let’s Get Rocked

The back-and-forth battle at the box office this weekend was more fun to watch than the movie that ultimately took the top spot. Friday totals showed the Rock’s latest with slight edge over ‘A Quiet Place’, which pulled ahead on Saturday thanks to excellent holdover. It came down to the wire on Sunday.

As much I wanted to see the weekend close with an upset, ‘Rampage‘ finished first with $34.5 million. That’s only $2 million ahead of the defending champion. The movie, which is just as two-dimensional as the video game it’s based on, wasn’t as profitable as predictions expected. Produced on a $120 million budget, it’s estimated that it needs to earn $300 million worldwide in order to recoup production and marketing costs. Thanks to a strong overseas opening of $114.1 million from 61 markets, the worldwide opening weekend resulted in $148.6 million. While ‘Rampage’ won’t be the massive success that Dwayne Johnson’s ‘Jumanji’ sequel turned out to be, it’s on track to at least make its money back while in theaters.

A Quiet Place‘ fell a light 35% over its second week. Adding $32.6 million to the bank, the film’s domestic total is less than $400k away from reaching the $100 million milestone. Overseas, it has drummed up $51.7 million. The knock-out $151.3 million ten-day total is awesome for the small $17 million movie.

An especially impressive feat this weekend is how Blumhouse’s ‘Truth or Dare‘ managed to gross a strong $19 million despite fellow horror movie ‘A Quiet Place’ getting so much attention and holding over so well. The movie also made $2.6 million from two international markets. A $20+ million worldwide opening for a $3.5 million picture is an excellent start to a theatrical run.

Ready Player One‘ dropped to #4 over its third week. With another $11.2 million, its domestic total is now up to $114.6 million. Overseas, it has scored $360.2 million, giving it a worldwide total of $474.8 million.

Last weekend’s hit ‘Blockers‘ took a 50% drop in attendance, which is to be expected for R-rated comedies, and rounded out the Top 5. The $10.2 million second outing places its domestic total at $36.9 million. International ticket sales are up to $16 million, giving the $21 million flick a solid $52.9 million ten-day worldwide gross.

The political thriller ‘Beirut‘ failed to garner much attention. Opening mid-week, it made approximately $373,000 over Wednesday and Thursday. The actual weekend drew $1.6 million, placing it at #13 with a $2 million five-day debut.

Estimates have yet to be reported for the animated ‘Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero’.

Top 10:

1. ‘Rampage’ (Warner Bros.) – $34,500,000

2. ‘A Quiet Place’ (Paramount) – $32,600,000

3. ‘Truth or Dare’ (Universal) – $19,080,000

4. ‘Ready Player One’ (Warner Bros.) – $11,205,000

5. ‘Blockers’ (Universal) – $10,295,000

6. ‘Black Panther’ (Buena Vista) – $5,342,000

7. ‘Isle of Dogs’ (Fox Searchlight) – $5,000,000

8. ‘I Can Only Imagine’ (Roadside) – $3,837,220

9. ‘Tyler Perry’s Acrimony’ (Lionsgate) – $3,700,000

10. ‘Chappaquiddick’ (Entertainment) – $3,025,000

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  1. theHDphantom

    I honestly can’t believe that garbage like Truth or Dare made $19 million. Kudos to Blumhouse and Universal for knowing how to market the film, I suppose.

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