Mid-Week Poll: Is Betty White Overexposed?

At a spry 88 years of age, Betty White is experiencing perhaps the biggest boom in her very extensive career. She’s appeared in several recent movies (including ‘You Again’, which opened this past weekend), stars in a new cable sitcom (‘Hot in Cincinnati’), recently hosted ‘SNL’ and brought that show its highest ratings in years, and has made numerous guest appearances on popular series like ’30 Rock’, ‘The Middle’, and ‘Community’. Has she hit the point of media saturation yet? Is Betty White overexposed?

In his recap of last week’s ‘Community’, Dick made it clear that he’s sick of Betty White and hopes she’ll go away soon.

Personally, I’m on the Betty White bandwagon. I think she’s been awesome since her days on ‘Mary Tyler Moore’, and remains awesome today. I’m glad to see her recent success.

Where do you fall on this topic?

Is Betty White Overexposed?

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    • JoeRo

      She was also great as the totalitarian leader of an amazonian planet on Futurama. Being only marginally familiar with her work, I never could have imagined her playing a femme-bot posing as a femme-puter in the year three thousand and something.

  1. EM

    It’s funny that this is posted now, for last night I was flipping channels and came across Betty White being interviewed on Bravo’s “Inside the Actors Studio”. And now here she is on the Bonus View. I guess she really is everywhere.

    My take is that while the current fervor is a tad hyperbolic, it’s making up for long droughts of deserved appreciation. White is and has been a good actress and comedienne, and it’s good to see a performer being given work and plaudits well into the golden years—particularly when the performer is an actor of the female persuasion, as the film and television machine can be especially unkind to actresses as they age. (Like, even at 30.)

    My hope is that White will play a variety of roles and not just become a clichéd antistereotype—you know, the football-playing, raunchy-mouthed grandma. But if she’s being offered a lot of roles, maybe there will be at least a few worth watching.

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