Mid-Week Oscar Poll: Best Picture 2011

This is it, folks. We’re coming down to the wire on the 2011 Academy Awards. In this week’s poll, it’s time for you to tell us your predictions for the big trophy: Best Picture.

In this first poll, tell us which movie you predict the Academy will give the award to.

Which Movie Will the Academy Pick to Win Best Picture 2011?

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Next, give us your opinion on which movie you think should win the award.

Which Movie Do You Think Should Win Best Picture 2011?

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As I explained when the nominations were announced, the front runners this year are clearly ‘The Social Network’ and ‘The King’s Speech’. I expect the voting to be divided between younger Academy members who’ll go for ‘The Social Network’, and older members who’ll prefer ‘The King’s Speech’. After winning the SAG and DGA Awards, I think that ‘The King’s Speech’ has more momentum and will most likely take the trophy.

‘Black Swan’ could be a dark horse, if you’ll forgive the mixed metaphors. That seems like a pretty remote possibility, though.

My favorite movie of the year was ‘True Grit’, but I doubt it will win Best Picture. ‘Toy Story 3’ will almost certainly win the Best Animated Feature award, but not this one.

‘Inception’ will probably be the popular choice among the public, but its lack of a Best Director nomination takes it out of serious contention for the big prize.

The rest of the nominess (‘127 Hours’, ‘The Fighter’, ‘The Kids Are All Right’, an ‘Winter’s Bone’) all fall into the “It’s an honor to be nominated” category. None stand a chance of winning.


  1. I loved a few of these nominees, but only one of them really touched me emotionally, filled me with joy, fear and eventually made me tear up like a little girl – ‘Tory Story 3.’ I know it’s not going to win, but it really should.

    My money’s on ‘The Social Network’ for the win.

  2. Art0330

    An interesting year. The nominees are eclectic this year, and there isn’t a stinker in the group.While one of them has to win, it also doesn’t appear that any of these films will make it on a “Best of” list in years to come nor did I find any of these movies to be one of those “you need to go see this” films. That being said, perhaps True Grit and in a ho-hum sense, Kings Speech have any staying power at all.

  3. The King’s Speech is all but a lock. If they’d go back to giving the awards away in Mid-March, we might see more upsets, but having them so close to the DGA and SAG awards (primarily the same lot that vote for the Oscars) are a pretty good indicator of how the Academy is going to go. Personally, the Oscars would have a lot more drama if they moved them to BEFORE those other awards shows.

  4. Too bad I can’t pick two. While I hope its either Social Network or Inception, I have a feeling it will be King’s Speech or Black Swan. I would be okay if it was Black Swan, but pretty sure it will be King’s Speech

  5. besch64

    One person out there actually thinks Black Swan has a shot in hell of winning best picture? I wish I was as optimistic as you.

    • Josh Zyber

      If The King’s Speech and The Social Network were to split the vote between them, there is some remote possibility of Black Swan swooping in as a spoiler. That’s incredibly unlikely, though, to put it mildly.

      I’m more astounded that someone voted that Winter’s Bone will win. I think some people didn’t read the rules of the two polls.

  6. if i were picking, it’d be the social network or black swan, more likely black swan, just thought it was awesome

    still haven’t seen the king’s speech but with all the momentum it’s got behind it now it’ll be hard to imagine it not winning

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