Bad Movie Night Poll: What Day Should We Do This?

Bad Movie Night is on the way, but we need your help deciding when to do this. Vote in our poll to tell us which day works best for you.

There are few joys in life greater than putting on a terrible movie and ragging on it with your friends. Bad Movie Night is a new event that will let us at The Bonus View do just that alongside our readers. We’ll pop in a movie, open up a live chat, and talk about how awful the flick is.

Normally, we’ll start off with a poll that allows you to vote on your favorite of three absolutely awful films, but Aaron Peck and I are eager to get started, so we’ve gone ahead and made the first selection. Our target will be the 2010 Wesley Snipes classic ‘Game of Death’. It’s available from both Redbox and Netflix, and looks like the kind of flick that was made for Bad Movie Night.

Game of Death‘ was shot in Detroit, Michigan by Italian director Giorgio Serafini. It stars Wesley Snipes, who is quickly on his way to becoming a straight-to-video hero. Also appearing are kickboxer Gary Daniels (the dude who sent FBI agents into Nakatomi Plaza even though John McClaine said not to) and Ho-Sung Pak (who has appeared in not one, but two Uwe Boll movies).

Snipes plays a bodyguard who saves a politician from assassination and has to hold out against those trying to take the man down. His only ally is a nurse, played by Zoë Bell. By all accounts, the movie sounds disastrous.

What we need from you is to pick a day. We’re hoping to run one of these every month or so, but we’d like to get a day set in stone right off the bat. Whatever day we run this one will be the day we run the next and the one after, going on into infinity – or until we run out of bad movies.

We’ll be starting the movie at 9:00EST/6:00PST on whatever day you pick, so take that into account when making your choice. We know we’re not going to be able to please everyone, but we’re hoping to accommodate as many people as possible. Go ahead and put in a vote for any day that you’re available, and we’ll run on whichever gets the most votes.

Don’t forget to adjust your Netflix queue or visit your local Redbox before then so that you can get in on the fun. Don’t miss out!

What Day of the Week Should We Do Bad Movie Night?

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  1. Suddenly, I have an uncontrollable urge to sing:

    It’s Friday, Friday
    Gotta get down on Friday
    Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend, weekend
    Friday, Friday
    Gettin’ down on Friday


    • you forgot

      “partyin’, partyin’, yeah!”


      “fun fun fun fun”

      and how could you ever miss

      “we we we we so excited!”?

      the fake Bob Dylan version of Friday is pure gold.

  2. Hopefully a Friday or Saturday…don’t want to do it on a work night. In the words of Arthur Dent, “I’d be all cross and wouldn’t enjoy it.”

  3. I can still do Tuesday, I was hoping for ANY other night though as Wednesday is my only for sure day off each week, making Tuesday the night I’m most likely to go out… Who am I kidding, I’d probably be watching a bad movie anyway.

    • So long as you can cue it up to start when everyone else does, I don’t think it matters whether you watch by streaming or disc.

      The only thing that was ruled out in the last poll was picking a movie airing on live TV broadcast.

      • It’s not available for instant watch I mean. For some reason I thought we were leaning toward instant watch titles. I’m just glad I checked, I’d have been SOL otherwise.

  4. Is the plan to have Bad Movie Night this coming Tuesday or some Tuesday soon? Cause I just realized I screwed something up. The copy I have coming is the blu ray (which won’t play on my computer) and since my tv is also my monitor means I wouldn’t be able to watch a blu ray and join in the discussion at the same time. If it’s not this Tuesday I’ll have time to swap it for the dvd.

    • Dick and Aaron are spearheading this, so they’ll be the ones to set the final schedule. However, I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be this coming Tuesday. I’d expect that we’d give more advance notice than that.

  5. Alright folks, I’ve had this copy of Game of Death sitting here for almost a month now. I’m sure other Netflix users are dieing to get their hands on this gem. Any news?

    • Don’t worry, we haven’t given up on this or anything. The problem we’re having is finding a new chat client that will work better than the one we used for the Oscars (which gave us a lot of problems that night). I’ll check in with our IT folks again to see where that stands. Thanks for the reminder.