Mid-Week Poll: Which Apple Products Have You Used?

Yes, I realize that this topic is kind of similar to last week’s poll. However, with the passing of Steve Jobs late last week, it seems appropriate to ask which Apple products you’ve used over the years and how the company has affected your life.

I’ve never been much of an Apple fan, personally. I have an iPod Touch, which I suppose is an OK toy, though it’s collecting dust these days because I prefer to use my Android phone. My wife has an iPod Nano, which is a flimsy and unreliable piece of junk. iTunes is just about the worst, most unfriendly piece of consumer software that I’ve ever used.

Nevertheless, it can’t be denied how much of an impact Apple has had on the personal computing and portable entertainment markets. I’ve tried to include as many Apple hardware products in the poll as I could think of. Rather than list every model and variation, they’re grouped into categories. So, for example, the Mac Mini or Mac Pro would fall under the generic category of “Macintosh.” Vote for as many of these Apple products as you have used over the years.

Which Apple Products Have You Used?

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  1. lordbowler

    I’ve only used a Macintosh a few times years ago.

    I’ve never been an Apple Guy. That being said, if it weren’t for Apple, there probably wouldn’t be Droid phones, GoogleTV, Windows 7, a Microsoft and so much more…

    So thank You Steve!

  2. HuskerGuy

    Voted Ipod, Ipod Touch, Macintosh, and Macbook.

    Not entirely positive the last two are accurate, but I know I’ve used two seperate Apple computers in my life. One when I was very young so I guessed Macintosh and my wife has a work laptop which I’ve played with once or twice and I just assumed it was a MacBook.

  3. especially considering, since 2005, I’ve been able to wirelessly send audio from my iMac straight to my audio receiver using iTunes.

    Then in 2008, when I got my first iPod touch, I was able to control my complete audio system with the “remote” app built into the iPod. being able to wirelessly control my itunes from my ipod that wirelessly sends that audio signal to my airport express and thru optical to my receiver is a great feature that I don’t think any other software/hardware knew how to do until later

    • Josh Zyber

      I can only speak to my own experience here, but every time I use iTunes, I feel like I’m in a battle with the program to make it do even simple things. First off, it’s an obscenely invasive program and an enormous computer resource hog. Pretty much every time I’ve ever had a laptop crash, it’s had something to do with iTunes conflicting with another piece of totally unrelated software.

      I just don’t like the design or layout of the program. It’s slow as molasses. And I find it infuriating when, for example, it mysteriously cancels podcast subscriptions without reason or warning.

      • Strange and unfortunate. Maybe iTunes works better on an Apple computer? Although my Sony Vaio (running Vista) never had any problems with iTunes. It takes some time to load, but works smooth as Santana after that.

        • Josh Zyber

          I wouldn’t put it past Apple to intentionally cripple the Windows version of the product to punish Windows users. Jobs was notorious for that sort of thing.

          • Yeah, indeed. The iTunes (plural, as in ‘iTuneses’) I’ve used, on my own eMac and my father’s Powerbook and iMac G5, all work as a charm and take no less than 5 seconds to load (even when they are loaded with gigabyte after gigabyte of (legal!) songs).

            So I guess the Windows version is intentionally flawed. In fact, I can recall being absolutely amazed in 2002 when I found out the iPod (the very first) was compatible with Windows. I guess a big part of the global success comes from that. iPod would never have taken of if it were only for Apple/Mac.

            Imagine how different the technological landscape may have looked. After all, the iPod was THE gizmo that turned Apple from niche to king.

  4. I voted Macintosh and iMac. Used the former in the school library many years ago. Never did much with it, seemed harmless enough. Have used iMacs for some jobs and at Uni, when there were no PCs available. It just slowed my productivity in half, but I’ll be generous and put it down to probably just not being as familiar with the OS.

    As for most recent Apple products, I suppose I have used most of them a bit. Usually because being a bit of a gadget and computer nerd, family and friends tend to come to me with their Apple related problems, despite me not owning any myself.

    Jobs was a marketing genius.