Poll: What Did You Think of ‘Amazing Spider-Man’?

Last week, you, our readers, voted that ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ was the movie you most wanted to see over the Fourth of July holiday and the weekend. So, how was it? Tell us in our new poll.

I’m not in any rush to see this one, personally. I’ll probably wait for Blu-ray. Even then, I’ll likely only pick it up for the 3D. I never read ‘Spider-Man’ comics as a kid (or any superhero comics, for that matter), and I didn’t care for the last trio of movies by Sam Raimi. (Even the second, which was a huge improvement over the crummy first, barely rose to the level of mediocrity.) While I get that this is supposed to be a reboot that starts over fresh… meh, I still don’t care. The ol’ Web-head doesn’t do much for me.

Comic book aficionados may be more passionate about this. Tell us how the new reboot fared in your estimation.

What Did You Think of 'The Amazing Spider-Man'?

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Oh, and tell us in the Comments whether you saw it in 2D or 3D, and how well that aspect worked.


  1. EM

    OK…it’s one thing to be apathetic about the Spider-Man movie…it’s another to be so apathetic or antipathetic toward it as to substitute a different poll entirely. 🙂

    • Josh Zyber

      Ugh. Stupid HTML error. One misplaced quotation mark and it pulls in the wrong poll. Should be fixed now. Thanks for catching that.

      I love that two people voted in the other poll (which will officially start later today) anyway, though. 🙂

  2. EM

    I love The Amazing Spider-Man; on the weeks that it comes out, I usually read it first. Of course, I’m talking about the comics series. I don’t know about other comics aficionados, but I’m usually not too sanguine about film adaptations of comics (especially superhero comics). As the saying goes, the book was better. I don’t refuse to ever see this movie, but neither is it something I particularly plan to do.

  3. Shannon Nutt

    I only really liked one of the three Raimi Spider-mans…and that, of course, was Spider-man 2. I thought Amazing was almost (not quite) as good as that film. It certainly was better than the other two.

  4. JM

    I’m confused. Is ‘Spider-Man’ a reboot of ‘Notting Hill’ set in high school?

    Is web shooting a metaphor for premature ejaculation?

    Is this the movie Sony hated so much they fired the director from the sequel?

    I think I’d rather wait for Richard Curtis’s space-time romance ‘About Time’ with Rachel McAdams and Bill Nighy.

    • Shannon Nutt

      Well, this IS the movie that SONY execs reportedly hated…which is now proof of how clueless most movie execs are.

      But your somewhat snarky comments aren’t totally off base. Mark Webb’s movie is very much “Spider-man as indie feature” – at least in the first half. And you know what? It works very well.

  5. Drew

    I expressed my thoughts about it in the comments section of Luke’s review. It’s good, but not great superhero fare. It’s like an indie romance film with a superhero action film stashed inside.

    I saw it in IMAX 3D. Even though it was shot digitally via RED Epic, and natively captured at 2:1, it did not fill up the entire 2:1 aspect ratio digital IMAX screen, like ‘Prometheus’ did. I was pretty disappointed by this. Although I must admit, it was another film that had a discernible improvement in video quality in a digital IMAX theatre, compared to an authentic IMAX one.

    I’ve actually seen it three times, with the third time being in a standard 3D auditorium. To tell you the truth, the video quality was probably the best in the standard 3D theatre. This movie just doesn’t respond well to the IMAX upconversion process. I will acknowledge that it was a way more impressive experience, and the 3D immersion was much more noticeable in IMAX, but overall video quality was strongest in the standard 3D theatre.

    With that said, the use of 3D in this film is rock solid, if not superb. I doubt there have been more than five films to date, total, that featured a more impressive 3D presentation.

  6. William Henley

    There usually isn’t an option for me in these polls. The closest for me was “I’ll wait for the Blu-Ray”. In actuality, because I was not anxious about the movie as many people, I am going to wait a couple of weeks, and catch it at a matinee. If I wait long enough, I can even catch it at the dollar theater. Prometheus, Battleship, Dark Shadows, and The Dictator are currently playing at the dollar theater, so I may catch a couple of those this weekend.

  7. Vinnie

    I thought it was pretty good. Definitely better than the Raimi ones (no Spiderman emo-hair strutting scenes to be found). I think i was definitely a step in the right direction for Spiderman.

  8. motorheadache

    Thought it was pretty good. The tone and style is very different from the Raimi films, so even though we go through the origin again, it doesn’t feel like a retread of the first Spider-Man movie.

    I believe this film has the potential to start off a much better series of Spider-Man movies. This one had the kind of awkward position of having to start at the origin again, but creates a better foundation for future stories and characters.

  9. Ed, Watertown MA

    I thought it was quite good and as a faithful Spidey fan, it was much closer to the comic books than the Raimi flicks. I barely recognized McGuire’s Peter Parker as the screwed-up, unsure kid he was in the books, where he was pretty damaged but you loved him because he always kept trying. I’m quite optimistic about the new series.

    The 3D? Not bad compared to some of the horrid executions I’ve seen but like every 3D movie so far for me, it still feels like a gimmick that really doesn’t add much more than it detracts. Spend the extra money in the budget on better Writers and Directors instead.