House of 1,000 Posts

Congratulate us! Effective right now, we’ve just hit our milestone 1,000th post here at The Bonus View, in just under one year’s time. We’re pretty proud of what we’ve put together here. If you happen to be interested, we’ll share some posting stats after the break.

When we pitched the idea for this blog to our corporate masters, we were originally set an expectation of only 2-3 posts per week. We’ve managed quite a bit better than that. The blog launched on April 26th, 2010. Since that date, we’ve kept a steady pace of an average four posts per day. The least number of posts we’ve ever run on a business weekday (excluding weekends and holidays) was three. We’ve squeezed in as many as six on a number of occasions. I have personally contributed at least one post every active day except two (October 28th and November 4th, 2010).

Here are some other interesting stats by author. Well, I find this sort of thing interesting, anyway. Make of these numbers what you will.

Total Numbers

90.9 posts per month
Avg: 727 words per post

Josh Zyber

Posts: 485
Words in posts: 391,745
Months blogging: 11
44.1 posts per month
Avg: 808 words per post

Dick Ward

Posts: 295
Words in posts: 167,038
Months blogging: 11
26.8 posts per month
Avg: 566 words per post

Drew Taylor

Posts: 179
Words in posts: 131,001
Months blogging: 11
16.3 posts per month
Avg: 732 words per post

Aaron Peck

Posts: 24
Words in posts: 22,002
Months blogging: 2
12 posts per month
Avg: 917 words per post

Junie Ray

Posts: 14
Words in posts: 10,642
Months blogging: 5
2.8 posts per month
Avg: 760 words per post

Mike Flacy

Posts: 2
Words in posts: 3,315
Months blogging: 11
0.2 posts per month
Avg: 1,658 words per post

David Krauss

Posts: 1
Words in posts: 1,191
Months blogging: 8
0.1 posts per month
Avg: 1,191 words per post


  1. Adam

    Congrats guys. I have to admit, The Bonus View is actually my favorite part of the site and the place I check every day, or several times a day. Unless I’m specifically checking out a review or something, I generally glance at the main page and then bounce right to here to see what’s going on.

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