Bonus View Digest - September 28, 2012

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Last week we had the biggest giveaway in Bonus View history by giving away a free copy of 'Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures' on Blu-ray. So, naturally we had to top ourselves. This week we're giving away a free 'Bond 50' Blu-ray set!

That's right! It's the most amazing giveaway we've done. Enter for your chance to win the 'Bond 50' set by simply entering a caption to the picture we posted. It's that easy! A $149.99 value for free. It doesn't get much better than that. What are you waiting for? Enter now. Deadline for entries is October 5th.

Blu-ray News

As I mentioned above, we gave away a free copy of 'Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures' on Blu-ray this week. Check out who won on the contest results post.

Wondering what you should buy this week (besides 'Bond 50' of course)? Well, Josh has you covered there as he does his weekly Blu-ray Highlights post where he points out the notable releases that you should be looking forward to. Along with the huge 'Bond' release this week we also got releases of 'American Horror Story: Season 1' and 'The Avengers.'

Theatrical News

This weekend one of the best movies of the year, so far, gets released. Find out what Luke thought about the time travel/hitman movie 'Looper.' Personally I thought it was fantastic and well worth seeing. Also out this weekend is the musical comedy 'Pitch Perfect.'

In the Trailer Park, E discusses new trailers for 'Dead Fall' and the gritty-looking 'Killing Them Softly.' Check out these trailers and find out if they're movies you're going to be excited for.

TV Recaps

This week Josh watched the series premiere of 'Vegas' starring Dennis Quaid and Michael Chiklis on CBS. Is it worth tuning into? Find out what he thought in his recap of the pilot.

We also have recaps for the season premieres of 'Castle' and 'Haven.'

Special Features

Last week's Roundtable we focused on our favorite spy movies and asked what yours were. Keeping the 'Bond' theme going into this week, our poll asked what your favorite 'Bond' theme songs have been over the years.

Thanks for joining us for another busy week at The Bonus View. Remember you have until October 5th to put in your entry for the free copy of 'Bond 50.' Make sure you do so, because you don't want to miss out on a chance to win.

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