"High-Def Digest-Digest" - November 21, 2010

Posted Sun Nov 21, 2010 at 05:30 PM PST by Dick Ward

Hey, we get it. You don't always have time to sift through all the stories we put up in order to find the best bits. It's November after all, and that means if you're not out Christmas shopping or seeing 'Harry Potter' you're probably cooking a turkey, watching football, or eating maize on the cob. Don't worry, we've hand-picked all the best stories of the last two weeks and brought them your way.

Blu-ray News:

Inception - Limited Edition Briefcase Gift Set' Up For Preorder
Couldn't get enough of 'Inception?' This combo pack gets you the Blu-ray, DVD and digital copies of the movie in addition to a 33 page comic, 10-page PASIV instruction manual, a metal top and comes in a metal briefcase. It's the ultimate collector's edition.

Blu-ray Scores An 'Easy A'
Emma Stone shines in this Ferris Bueller like comedy that's set to hit shelves on December 21st.

'Coraline - 3D' Blu-ray 3D Gets Retail Release
None of that red/blue anaglyph this time. 'Coraline' finally gets a legitimate 3D release, but it's sadly coming just a bit late for the holidays – January 4.

'Howl' Blu-ray Announced
It's James Franco's year. Not only has he starred in the critically acclaimed '127 Hours,' but his role as Allen Ginsberg in 'Howl' has been called out by many as Oscar worthy. The Blu-ray hits on January 4.

Sneak Peek: Black Friday Week Sales at Amazon!
The sale starts Monday, with DVDs as low as $2 and Blu-rays as low as $5. You won't want to miss these ridiculously good deals.

Vizio Launches a Pair of 3D Blu-ray Players
Once known as the best of the budget television makers, Vizio has been picking up the pace, even introducing 3D Blu-ray players.

Oppo Reveals Official BDP-93 Specs – Discontinues Older Models
We finally get the full scoop on the impressive BDP-93, but sadly we lose out on the legendary BDP-83 which is permanently discontinued.

Amazon Talks Blu-ray's Ups and Downs
Michael S. Palmer writes up a fascinating talk by Amazon execs about where Blu-ray is now, and where it needs to be before the format is truly dominant.

Least Shocking Announcement Ever...James Cameron Hearts Blu-ray
Second least shocking announcement follows… James Cameron Hearts 3D.

Other News:

Hulu Plus Launches At $7.99 a Month
The long-awaited service finally launches officially and at $2 less than the originally stated monthly fee. But is this discount enough to get consumers on board?

Vudu Comes to the PS3 – Interface Makeover on the Way
The Sony PlayStation 3 gets yet another update that keeps it at the top of the Blu-ray player game, and Vudu boasts that a new interface will soon make movie selection easier than ever.

Mitsubishi Updates 2010 3D TVs for Full 3D Compatibility
No more worrying about compatible 3D formats or messing around with adapters. Mitsubishi's 2010 line of 3D capable TVs is now updated and ready to go for any format you can throw at it.

Plasma Sales Outgrow LCD Sales in 2010
After a few years toiling under misinformation and some early issues, plasma sets are back on the rise. The biggest sellers? 720p screens over 50 inches.

Netflix Accounts for Twenty Percent of Internet Use
That's right, a whole fifth of the internet bandwidth currently used is Netflix, which accounts for almost half of all streaming media.

The Bonus View:

Where Netflix Fails: Foreign Films
Some films are subbed, some are dubbed, and some just leave it up to the viewer to speak Korean. This is just one of those places where Netflix fails.

Is the Internet Really Ready for Movie Streaming?
Josh questions whether we're really able to handle all the streaming that's heading our way and one commenter lays down the hard numbers.

Talk About 'Modern Times!'
Josh muses on the "time traveler" found in an old Charlie Chapman movie and hilarity ensues.

This May Be It for Music Games
Viacom Sells Harmonix and music games on the whole see a downturn. Is this it for the once giant genre?