Bonus View Digest - July 6, 2012

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Even though this weekend was highlighted by America's birthday, we were still able to bring you quite a bit of HD-related content. In case you missed what happened on The Bonus View this week, because you were too busy barbequing and watching fireworks, here's a rundown of our coverage.

Blu-ray News

As always, we have our trusty Blu-ray Highlights post that keeps you informed of the week's releases. Since it was a holiday week the release slate seemed rather slim. Still, check it out and see if there is anything you were just dying to buy this week.

Tom Landy has more information on Steelbook packaging you can look forward to in the near future. This week he covered the Steelbook release of 'Cinderella.'

Theatrical News

The big release this week was 'The Amazing Spider-Man .' The question on everyone's mind is, "How can they be rebooting 'Spider-Man' already?" I was apprehensive at first, but I think once people see what director Marc Webb has created here they may fall in love with this franchise all over again. Luke certainly thinks that this is a great summer movie.

This week Aaron went to 'Brave' with his six-year-old niece. On the ride home he asked his niece a few questions about the movie. Find out what she said in an adorable post called 'Brave' Explained By a Six-Year-Old.

TV Recaps

We have enough television recaps to keep you busy. Josh watched the series premiere of Charlie Sheen's new 'Anger Management' so you don't have to. Seriously, it's not good. We also have recaps for 'Wilfred,' 'The Newsroom,' and 'True Blood.'

Videogame News

Videogame correspondent Brian Hoss, has come up with a great new feature that he's calling 60 Minute Hero. In this column Brian gives his opinions and comments about a game after playing it for a full 60 minutes. Check out his insight this week as he checks out the PC game 'Quantum Conundrum.'

Special Features

In the Mid-Week Poll, which happened to land on the 4th of July, we asked you what theatrical releases you were planning on seeing this holiday weekend. With the Weekend Roundtable we discussed the best (and worst) gender-swapping movies.

That's it for this week. We here at High-Def Digest and The Bonus View hope you had a fun and safe holiday. Stay tuned to the blog all next week. You never know what we'll talk about or what contests we'll be having.

Have a great weekend!

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