Bonus View Digest - April 5, 2013

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More contests? Are we crazy! Apparently so. This week is your chance to win a free copy of the newest version of 'Les Miserables.'

Blu-ray News

In case you missed the previous paragraph, let me reiterate: we're having a contest and you can win a free copy of Tom Hooper's 'Les Miserables.' The deadline is Friday, so enter now.

Last week's contest was for a free copy of 'The Borgias: Season 2.' Check out the results of that contest here.

In his Blu-ray Highlights column Josh covered a the sparse offerings this week. The biggest release was Fox's TV miniseries 'The Bible.'

In the Steelbook department, check out the mighty fine metal packaging that can be purchased for 'Django Unchained' and 'Inglourious Basterds.'

Theatrical News

This weekend has some interesting releases. We have a review for the highly anticipated horror remake, 'Evil Dead,' along with a review of Danny Boyle's new flick 'Trance.' Check out Bryan's takes on both films and see if they're something you want to see this weekend.

Josh continues to revisit the literary world of Ian Fleming. Find out what he thought about Fleming's Bond novel "Live and Let Die."

Video Game News

Brian Hoss continues to mourn the loss of video game company LucasArts after Disney closed them down and laid off all their employees. In Episode II of his series on LucasArts, Brian takes a look at some of the best games the company produced, along with some games we'll likely never see.

TV Recaps

'Game of Thrones' began its third season last week. Follow along as Josh continues recapping the wildly popular fantasy show. Another big television event happened last Sunday. 'The Walking Dead' concluded its third season with, what Aaron thought to be, an extremely anti-climactic finale. We also have recaps for 'Doctor Who' and 'Happy Endings' for your reading pleasure.

Special Features

Last week in the Weekend Roundtable we wanted to know your thoughts on your favorite zombie movie. Take a few moments to think about it and then let us know. That's all we have for the first week in April. Have a safe and happy Springtime weekend.

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