Bonus View Digest - January 20, 2012

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We've had another very eventful week at The Bonus View. We had dozens of readers show up for our second annual Golden Globes Live-Blog, which was a great success. There were a ton of contests, and people walked away with brand new Blu-rays to add to their collections just for joining in on the chat! If you didn't get in on this Live-Blog we'll be doing another one when the Oscars roll around, so stay tuned! We'll have just as many contests and we hope to see just as many of you there with us.

This week was shortened by the holiday weekend, so instead of making our way through our normal format of specific categories, I'd instead like to direct your attention to a few of my favorite posts this week.

This week was full of mid-season TV premieres, so we've got a few series premiere recaps for you to enjoy. Want to know if 'Alcatraz' or 'The Finder' are worth your time investment, then check out their respective premiere recaps from Aaron and Josh.

This week's most commented on post was the Weekend Roundtable where we all took turns discussing our worst theatrical experiences. Whether it is talkers, texters, or annoying teenagers, everyone weighed in on what was their worst experience at the cinema. Need a place to vent about a terrible movie-going experience; this is the place for you. Join in on the comment section and share it with us, believe me, it helps.

The Sundance Film Festival swings into full gear this week and Aaron and Luke will be there taking it all in. To kick off Aaron's Sundance coverage he posted a detailed listing of all the films he plans on seeing. Can he actually see the 30-plus films he's planning on before burning out? Follow along with the coverage to find out.

This week we actually had a book review from DVDTalk reviewer Adam Tyner. Check out his review of 'The Hammer Vault.'

E continued updating us on his HTPC progress with Part 3 of revamping his home theater system.

That's what happened this week on The Bonus View. We want to thank you again for making our Golden Globes Live-Blog a huge success. Have a great weekend everyone!

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