Bonus View Digest - February 22, 2013

Posted Fri Feb 22, 2013 at 01:00 PM PST by

What's that you say? You missed a day or two of The Bonus View and you want to know what happened? Well you've stopped by the right place. Let's recap what happened on the blog this week as we stare down the end of February.

Monster Madness

We're getting closer to the end of our Monster Madness tournament. This week marked the end of the round of 32 and the beginning of the Slimy 16. Who is going to take home the trophy for the baddest movie monster ever? Come on over, vote, and find out.

Stay Puft vs. Orochi – Grendel vs. Brundlefly

Chucky vs. Killer Birds – Godzilla vs. The Blob

Blu-ray News

This week's Blu-ray releases were pretty great. Want to see what releases came out this week? Then head on over to Josh's Blu-ray Highlights and read what he thinks is worth buying and renting this week. Be sure to check out great movies like 'Argo,' 'Best in Show ,' and 'The Thief of Baghdad.' Also, don't forget that 'Game of Thrones: Season 2' was released this week and that there are special deals everywhere for it right now!

Are you one of those people that found yourselves completely baffled by the bullet controversy in 'Skyfall'? After the movie played in theaters people could've sworn that there was only one bullet hole in Bond's shoulder. Take a look at our post about 'Skyfall' Bulletgate to see the truth!

Theatrical News

The Oscars are this weekend. We won't be live-blogging the activities, but we will be tuning in to enjoy them. In preparation for the Oscars our Mid-Week Poll focused on what movie you think will win the Best Picture Award. Come on over and vote, and then tune in Sunday night to see if you're right.

We also have a poll going right now to see what movie you think should win the Best Visual Effects Award. Right now it looks like people are hoping/gunning for 'Life of Pi.' What do you think?

With the release of 'A Good Day to Die Hard' last week we wanted to know what you thought of it. We've set up a poll so you can vote on whether you thought this newest 'Die Hard' was awesome destructive fun, or if you thought it was a complete betrayal of a beloved franchise.

Also in theatrical news, Bryan saw Dwayne Johnson's new movie 'Snitch.' Find out if it's something you should plan on seeing this weekend.

TV Recaps

'The Walking Dead' continued on with its third season. Aaron is beginning to find himself bored by the series. Do you feel the same way? Come discuss the latest episode with us. We also have a recap for this week's 'Community.'

Special Features

We already covered our Mid-Week Poll above, so all that's left is last week's Weekend Roundtable. It was a fun one. We asked you to name the next 'Die Hard' movie and give us a brief explanation of the plot. There are some great titles in the comments. Go read them and have a laugh.

That's it for this week. Hopefully, this recap gave you the chance to catch up on whatever you may have missed. We hope you all have a safe and productive weekend. We'll see you on the flip side, ready to talk about all the travesties that are sure to occur at the Oscars.