Monster Madness: Chucky vs. Killer Birds – Godzilla vs. The Blob

The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man put up a valiant fight, but Orochi’s fire breath was too much for him in the end. In Tuesday’s other bout, Grendel came back from an early deficit to knock the fan-favorite Brundlefly from his slimy perch. We’re down to 16 competitors in Monster Madness now.

The Blob has shown that it isn’t afraid of anything. It took on the Kraken with indifference as it oozed its way into the ocean and, apparently, filled the entirety of it with its pink, blobby mass. Now the Blob goes up against cinema’s most recognizable monster in Godzilla. However, this tournament isn’t afraid to throw out classic monsters at the whim of the people. Just as King Kong.

Godzilla – He’s terrorized so many cities and leveled so many buildings that he’s lost count – if giant radioactive lizards could count, that is. Now he goes up against one of the tournament’s most unassuming yet deadly foes. Does Godzilla have what it takes to counteract the Blob’s ever-expanding quest for the championship?

Secret Weapon: Godzilla’s sheer popularity should really help him in this match. I sure don’t want to vote Godzilla out simply because, dammit, it’s Godzilla!



The Blob – The asexual, oozing pink mass has claimed more victims than I ever thought possible. It took out the giant flaming Tanker Bug in the opening round, and recently dispatched the mighty Kraken. Is there anything the Blob can’t do? Is there anything he can’t kill?

Secret Weapon: Its seemingly indestructible, exponentially growing self has proved to be a huge advantage that leaves most voters in a conundrum. Most votes for the Blob boil down to the same rationalization: “How do you defeat a mass that grows without stopping?”


Godzilla vs. The Blob

  • Godzilla (89%, 115 Votes)
  • The Blob (11%, 14 Votes)

Total Voters: 129

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Huh. Now here’s a weird pairing. Chucky, cinema’s most evil demonically possessed doll, faces down cinema’s angriest group of fowls. Does Chucky have the fortitude and cunning to take out a swarming flock of deranged birds? Would they even attack him? Let’s say for sake of argument that they do. Will his hard plastic body hold up to the barrage of pecks?

Chucky – He’s evil, there’s no doubting that. He’s already slaughtered a killer tire and a wicked Leprechaun. Now he has his sights set on a flock of Hitchcock’s killer birds.

Secret Weapon: Chucky has always shown magnificent smarts for a children’s play thing. His diabolical plans usually end up with someone lying in a pool of blood. Is it such a stretch to believe that he’d be able to think of something that could kill a bunch of birds?


Killer Birds – They’ve had sort of an easy road to the Slimy Sixteen. The birds first faced off against the Ghoulies, who didn’t provide much of a challenge. Then they set to ravenously tearing apart a few killer tomatoes. Can they keep the winning streak alive by finding a way to kill a beloved, yet malevolent doll?

Secret Weapon: Aerial attacks will come in handy here. Agility really isn’t Chucky’s strong suit. Outrunning or dodging a swarming death squadron from above might prove difficult.


Chucky vs. Killer Birds

  • Killer Birds (71%, 80 Votes)
  • Chucky (29%, 33 Votes)

Total Voters: 113

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  1. The Birds will rip Chucky apart.

    In the first match, my instinct was to vote that the Blob can absorb anything, even Godzilla. However, I don’t remember how they ultimately defeated the Blob in the movie. Was it fire? If so, Godzilla would win.

        • Alex Hurley

          Lol sorry man, didn’t mean to sound rude. It’s just a lot of people think Godzilla is just a “basic giant lizard who can maybe breath fire, and then die by jet plane missiles”, mostly we can blame Roland Emmerich’s American Godzilla for doing that exactly. Godzilla isn’t a lizard, he’s a dinosaur that survived extinction, he shoots out pure concentrated radioactive energy from his mouth, not fire, and he has just as much abilities as Superman! lol The Blob was stopped by humans with success, but Godzilla, he took on highly advanced alien invasions, giant robots, planet busting monsters, demons, and even gods! He’s one brutal dinosaur! lol

        • William Henley

          I must agree with Josh on this one. I mean, The Blob is one of my least favorite monsters, and Godzilla is just, well, it’s freakin Godzilla. But Godzilla’s powers (and backstory) vary from movie to movie, and none of the movies I have seen showed Godzilla breathing ice (not saying there wasn’t one, I haven’t seen every single Godzilla movie), so I would have to go with The Blob on this one. Shoot, if The Blob absorbed a good portion of the population of Tokyo before going to face Godzilla, he would probably be about the same size.

          Chucky and the Birds is a weird one. Chucky may take out a few birds before they destroyed him, but Chucky reincarnates (or whatever it is he does). So we may go through several Chucky dolls, and Chucky wouldn’t be in a good mood, but, given a stock of dolls, Chucky could win this thing.

          So yeah, I got to go with The Blob and Chucky on this one.

          • EM

            Mrs. Bundy, the ornithologist in the Bodega Bay diner, claimed there were likely over 100 billion birds worldwide, with over 5 billion of them in the United States alone. How many Chucky (“Good Guy”) dolls are there?

          • William Henley

            It’s been a long time since I’ve seen The Birds, but it wasn’t all the birds worldwide, was it? Wasn’t it the birds in a specific region?

      • Alex Hurley

        Agreed man, I hate when people think Godzilla just spews “fire” from his mouth… NO!!! It’s concentrated radiative energy! It WILL f*** you up! lmfao

  2. Alex Hurley

    Godzilla! He’s like the Hulk but with even more powers and 30x bigger! Radioactive death ray from the mouth that’s able to destroy planetoids (Godzilla Final Wars), regenerative powers like wolverine (all films), able to destroy earth (Godzilla vs Destoroyah), Took a nuke in the face and gained even more powers (Godzilla: KOM issue 1), able to swim in the earths magma (Godzilla vs Mothra), able to breath underwater and in the vacuum of space (All Godzilla films, Godzilla vs the astro monster), killed gods, demons, and other entities (King Ghidorah, Mothra, Baragon, King Ceasar, and Gekido-jin), also he other powers such as his nuclear pulse, magnetic aura, and shit! He was able to survive a man-made black hole that was shot at him from space! Take that The Blob! You don’t have s*** on “The King”! Godzilla already murdered your cousin Hedorah aka the smog monster!