Bonus View Digest - August 5, 2011

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Another week down and another load of Bonus View posts to cull through. This week we added another blogger – everyone welcome Wayne Rowe to the team! One of our bloggers took a bit of time off to add another tiny person to his family. Through all that though The Bonus View was able to keep you up to date with all the latest news, reviews, and recaps from around the high-def world.

Blu-ray News

This week Josh gave us the heads up on what we should look for on the Blu-ray shelves this week, along with an idea that maybe the Borders liquidation sale has finally come down to a price people wouldn't mind paying. Check out your local going-out-of-business Borders and see if you can score any good Blu-ray deals.

Theatrical News

Luke Hickman saw this week's movie releases and let us know if they were worth our time. Read reviews of 'The Change-Up' starring Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman, and see if the 'Planet of the Apes' prequel is worthy of your box office cash.

Luke also told us a little bit about the new book by screenwriters Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant called Writing Movies for Fun and Profit: How We Made a Billion Dollars at the Box Office and You Can, Too! Now this seems like it will be pretty funny.

Meanwhile, on the movie trailer front E had you covered with a discussion about trailers for 'In Time', 'Haywire', 'Sushi Girl', and 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo'.

Video Game News

New blogger Wayne Rowe was brought on to cover the world of video games, among other topics. This week he delved into the always controversial topic of violent video games and discussed the Supreme Court's recent ruling on the subject.

Dick Ward also covered the lackluster titles that were being released this week in the video game world.

TV Recaps

This week we had recaps for all your favorite summer shows. Take a gander at recaps for 'Alphas', 'True Blood', 'Burn Notice', 'Curb Your Enthusiasm', 'Haven', and 'Suits'.

Special Features

This week we saw quite a few special feature articles. The Weekend Roundtable and the Mid-Week Poll were there, but we also resurrected an old feature with Wayne Rowe called "One From the Vault." Here we take a look at rare, hard-to-find movies that are streaming on Netflix at the moment. This week Wayne takes a look at 'Zone Troopers'. Finally, our blogger Aaron Peck had his first kid over the weekend! A son. He wrote a short post about how he's going to introduce the world of film to him and how he'll hopefully love it just as much as he does.

Thanks you for your continued support of High-Def Digest and The Bonus View. We promise to keep bringing you the best in news and opinion on everything hi-def! Have a great weekend!