‘Zombieland’ Headed to the Small Screen

More and more movies are making their way to the small screen – and not just in syndication. First we got news of a ‘Source Code’ TV series, and now ‘Zombieland’ is getting the small-screen treatment as well. Much like the ‘Source Code’ series, ‘Zombieland’ will be brought to television by one of the film’s producers. But ‘Zombieland has a one-up on ‘Source Code’ – the writing partners who penned the ‘Zombieland’ movie are on board too.

Writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are in demand right now. After the success of ‘Zombieland‘, the duo were hired to write a sequel to the terrible 2009 ‘G.I. Joe‘ film. (Who knows, that film series just might be worth watching now.) Last year, their stylized screenplay for ‘Deadpool’, a dark and violent character from the Marvel Universe, was leaked online. Both comic book and film geeks around the globe ate it up. (I wouldn’t know because I don’t geek out over such things – *wink*).

With the two writers on fire right now, getting them attached to the television series is a good sign – but the format itself has me worried. The series is being launched by the show-killing Fox network. We all remember what Fox did with ‘Arrested Development’, ‘Firefly’ and other niche programs. What will the network do to ‘Zombieland’ when its ratings don’t match up to other networks?

I find it interesting that Fox makes the announcement just one day after ‘The Walking Dead‘ has an uber-successful second season premiere. Fox seems to be trying to capitalize on AMC’s success.

My biggest point of skepticism lies within the content itself. AMC can get away with ‘The Walking Dead’ because it’s not a broadcast network. If ‘The Walking Dead’ was placed on the big screen, as-is, it would receive an R-rating for violence alone. Fox cannot get away with that. Watch ‘Zombieland’ tonight and you’ll notice that a large part of what makes the movie so awesome is the crude, vulgar dialogue and disgusting zombie violence. How in the world will Fox pull off a successful television adaptation of that?

I’m excited to see the writers and producer attached, but the fact that ‘Zombieland’ will be a 30-minute primetime series on Fox scares me. Producer Gavin Polone tells Vulture that he’d originally intended to make a movie sequel, but the series will put the kibosh on that idea. I’m leery. I’d rather see another R-rated ‘Zombieland’ movie over a Fox series. How about you?


  1. EM

    I think it’s possible to recapture the humor and spirit of the film while adhering to broadcast standards. Those standards are looser than they used to be, and sometimes it’s funnier and/or grosser to imply than to show anyway.

  2. And….queue the Walking Dead wannabes, simple as that, now that the Walking Dead is one of the most successful cable programs on TV I wouldnt be surprised to see all kinds of Zombie related stuff in the works.

    Yes another Zombieland would be far superior to a half hour sitcom Zombie TV show

  3. Lahrs

    I thought Zombieland was an average zombie fare, but the cast and personality of the characters propelled it into a much enjoyed movie. I would assume that the cast of the movie will not be in the show, save for a possible cameo at some point.

    Is the show going to replace the chance of a movie sequel? That would be a shame if it did.

    • Lahrs

      I apologize, the answer to my question was at the end of your write-up.

      I would definitely like to see a movie sequel with the original cast.

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