‘Wilfred’ 1.02 Recap: “Everything Has To Do with Everything”

The second episode of FX’s new dark comedy ‘Wilfred’ continues to build on the surreal weirdness of the first. The show is still perhaps more strange than actually funny, but this new episode has the benefit that not every scene has been teased in the network promos for months, which gives it a little fresh edge.

Of course, the show’s basic premise is really its only joke, and that hasn’t changed.

The main storyline in ‘Trust’ has Wilfred’s super-hot owner Jenna asking Ryan to take the dog to the vet for her. He hates going, but he’ll never suspect Ryan of taking him there. (And also, Jenna won’t have to be the bad guy.)

So Ryan tells Wilfred that he’s going to take him to the movies – to a real movie theater to see his favorite actor Matt Damon on the big screen, which he’s never been able to do before. When they get to the vet and Wilfred realizes that he’s been betrayed, he vows revenge. Said revenge comes in an unexpected form. As he’s being put under by the anesthesia, Wilfred tells Ryan that he has a secret, and then whispers to him that, “Jenna has a dick.”

It’s an absurd statement, but Ryan gets it stuck in his head that Jenna may be a transsexual or a hermaphrodite or something. The fact that she likes sports and beer pushes him over the edge. He makes a total ass of himself trying to get a peek up her skirt and scares her off. After a heart-to-heart with Wilfred, he realizes the importance of trust and honesty, and that this was a valuable lesson Wilfred has taught him. He also understands that he has to come clean to Jenna about his feelings for her.

Ryan goes next door to apologize to Jenna and tell her that he likes her, only to discover that she has an obnoxious doofus boyfriend (master thespian Chris Klein). Wilfred reveals that what he meant to say earlier was that, “Jenna has a dick… for a boyfriend.”

The episode ends with Ryan winning Wilfred back over with a Matt Damon DVD marathon. Wilfred asks a question that many of us have wondered over the years: “Seriously, what does he see in Ben Affleck?”

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