R.I.P. Whitney Houston

As you’ve no doubt heard by now, famed singer and occasional actress Whitney Houston passed away over the weekend. She was only 48-years-old. Although the exact cause of death has not yet been released at the time of this writing, her notorious history with drugs and alcohol likely played a part.

In movies, Houston was most famous for starring opposite Kevin Costner in the 1992 box office hit ‘The Bodyguard‘, where she played a pop diva loosely modeled after herself. A previously-announced Blu-ray of the film is currently scheduled for release on April 10th of this year.

Later, Houston starred in the ensemble ‘Waiting to Exhale’ and the Denzel Washington romantic drama ‘The Preacher’s Wife’. After that, her career and personal life spiraled out of control. Since her divorce from Bobby Brown, Houston seemed to pull herself back together again, at least in an off-and-on fashion. Recently, she filmed a role in the upcoming musical ‘Sparkle’, but was then later captured by the press looking a mess again.

I was a freshman in college in 1992 when ‘The Bodyguard’ and Houston’s smash hit single from the movie “I Will Always Love You” were released. The song was inescapable. On top of its incessant play on every radio station all day every day, the girl living in the dorm room next to mine was obsessed with the song and blared it at loud volumes in a constant repeat loop for at least a week straight before everyone else on the floor finally got together and staged an intervention to make her stop.

Houston’s body was found dead on Saturday in the bathtub of the room she had rented at the Beverly Hilton hotel in Los Angeles. Officials claim that there were “no obvious signs of foul play and no obvious signs of a cause of death.” An autopsy has been completed, but results will not be released until toxicology and other tests come back.

[Source: ABC News]


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