Weekend Movies: Good Stuff to See… or ‘Twilight’

Believe it or not, three interesting movies demand your attention this weekend – but not one of them is the final ‘Twilight’ flick.

The ridiculously long-titled ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2‘ finally brings this dreadful series to a close… for now, that is. How long do you think it will be before the series is rebooted or the author decides to write another four books that further the adventures of Edward and Bella? For now, I’ll relish the comfort that I don’t have to watch any of these five stinkers ever again. Just as each of the prior ‘Twilight’ movies strung itself along with a thin plot, so does ‘Part 2’. In this chapter, the vampires must forge alliances to protect a demon child from a group of silly Italians.

The second biggest release this weekend is the expansion of Steven Spielberg’s critically acclaimed ‘Lincoln‘. After opening on less than a dozen screens last week, the film expands to nearly 1,800 today. Expect nothing short of brilliance with this historical drama that explains how the 13th Amendment was passed.

The Weinstein Company releases David O. Russell’s genius comedy ‘Silver Linings Playbook‘ on 16 screens today. Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence star as two legitimately crazy people who may or may not be attracted to one another. Both have aspirations in life and happily use one another to make them come about. If you didn’t think that Russell could top himself after ‘The Fighter‘, think again.

Joe Wright returns to period piece drama with his take on Tolstoy’s ‘Anna Karenina‘, which also appears on 16 screens this weekend. Wright re-teams with Keira Knightley, casting her as an aristocrat who dabbles in a destructive affair. Jude Law, Aaron Johnson and Kelly Macdonald star in this adaptation from ‘Shakespeare in Love‘ and ‘Empire of the Sun’ writer Tom Stoppard.

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  1. The buzz has been all about “Lincoln.” I’m definitely getting out of the house to see that one. “Anna Karenina” looks good too. So does “Silver Linings Playbook.” Anything but “Twilight” for me.

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