Weekend Movies: Now Would Be a Good Time to Finish That Puzzle You’re Working On

Hopefully you’re working on the puzzle I saw a few weeks ago in my local Borders, the one that’s the cover of Michael Jackson’s marginal 1991 album ‘Dangerous’. I’m not sure how many pieces it has, but it looks pretty impressive and I can imagine throwing on a Jackson-only mix tape and going to town on that thing. Honestly, unless you need to catch up on some of the Academy Awards contenders, a puzzle is probably the way to go.

The lone studio release this weekend is ‘Season of the Witch‘. It’s a fairly meh medieval supernatural thing. You can read my thoughts elsewhere on these electronic pages.

Fox’s ‘Country Strong‘ – which I still haven’t heard much about, although I do kind of have the hots for Gwyneth Paltrow – goes wide this weekend. I’m not sure that’s even worth talking about in any serious way.

What could be worth talking about is that ‘The Social Network‘, in a play for an added boost of attention in these crucial pre-Academy Awards weeks, will be returning to select theaters. If you haven’t seen it, GO SEE IT. The Blu-ray (which is exemplary, it should be added) comes out on Tuesday, but if you want to go, you should see it in the theater. That’s where it should be experienced. As I wrote yesterday, it’s my favorite movie of 2010. It deserves more than your living room, no matter how good your home theater system is.

Other things you can do: Play that new ‘Donkey Kong Country Returns‘ Wii game.You will die a thousand times, and you will love every second of it. Besides that, there’s always puzzles!


  1. Well, I had some movie passes, so finally got to go see Tron. My local AMC were known when they were built for having the curved screens. That is kinda weird on a 3D movie though, and it was over-cropped. I honestly have no clue what year the opening scene takes place (looked like 189x or 198x or 199x).It was cool though – really enjoyed it!

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