‘The Walking Dead’ 2.04 Recap: “Looks Like We’ve Got Us a Swimmer”

Things are getting a little sketchy on ‘The Walking Dead’. Don’t get me wrong, I still really like the show, but I fear that it’s headed down the same road that we’ve seen many other dramatic television shows travel.

Brief Synopsis: Shane is still having a tough time coping with Evil Shane. Flashbacks about what he did to Otis haunt him on a regular basis. Rick and Lori spend some more time with their son, who’s recovering from surgery. GrantGlenn gets some lovin’ from the farmer’s daughter. The group finds a bloated zombie in the drinking water well, and the attempt to get it out ends in disaster.

Episode Thoughts: I’m just going to come right out and say it: Pregnancy! It’s a staple amongst serialized dramas. When in doubt, throw a pregnancy into the mix. This new turn of events with Lori has me a little apprehensive. It’s simply a storyline that we’ve seen time and time again on serialized shows like this. I understand the implications here. Is it Shane’s kid? Is it Rick’s kid? Will Season 3 consist of Shane and Rick trying to retrieve a DNA testing kit so that they can prove paternity? I’m always wary once pregnancy storyline enters the mix.

Meanwhile, Daryl seems to have found his heart. Who knew, right? We’ve got Shane turning evil while the hillbilly redneck does a complete one-eighty. Daryl’s speech about the Cherokee Rose is simple, to the point, and above all, helpful. It helps that Daryl found some signs that Sophia may still be alive.

Glenn gets his groove on with the farmer’s daughter, Maggie (Lauren Cohan), in an abandoned pharmacy. I couldn’t help thinking about how they had to ride horses into town, and how much I’d hate to be using edible transportation during a zombie apocalypse. It’s a good thing that no zombies found Glenn and Maggie getting it on. That would’ve been awkward.

The best part of the episode happens when the group finds a bloated zombie at the bottom of a well. They concoct a brilliant plan to send Glenn down the well on a rope, so that he can hook another rope around its neck and pull it out. The fear is that shooing the zombie first might contaminate the water with the zombie’s blood. We all knew that Glenn would be put in some danger by this plan, but I didn’t quite expect the zombie’s whole body to tear in half, dumping putrid entrails back down into the drinking water. Is this kind of contamination immune to boiling? Good thing there are four other wells on the property.

As for the rest of the episode, the revelation of Lori’s pregnancy is the biggest development. It doesn’t seem like our group of friends will be moving on from the farmhouse any time soon. Sophia is still missing. So, now what?

Note: Yes, I realize the double entendre from the quote I used in the headline. That’s why I used it.


  1. Lahrs

    It is Glenn, not Grant. He hasn’t really been featured much lately though, and it was nice seeing him get some screen time.

    The pregnancy was a big part of the comic, so it wasn’t just thrown in for the show. When Jenner whispered into Rick’s ear at the end of Season 1, everyone who has read the comic pretty much knew what it was. Jenner did take a blood sample from everyone, so he would know. There could be a showdown between Rick and Shane at some point, but I see a possible relationship between Shane and Andrea, which may quell the love triangle situation, though it would still leave plenty of other friction between Shane and Rick.

    I liked Daryl’s speech about the rose. He has quickly become my favorite character, partly because he isn’t in the comic, so he is completely new to me, but also because he just has that quality about him that would make him a good leader. I am not sure if he has feelings for Sophie (nothing perverted) or Carol, and that is why he is trying so hard to find her, or if it is something from his past (him being lost in the woods), but his passion to find her seems more sincere than anything else going on.

    • Aaron Peck

      Total brain fart on Grant/Glenn. Want to know the embarrassing truth about that? ‘Mythbusters’ was on in the background while I was writing this and they kept saying Grant’s name and it subconsciously found its way into my writing.

  2. Tony Smith (Lone_gunmen)

    I’m getting really tired of this show. I tried my hardest to like it and keep up to date but the characters are just so damn boring. Every week I wish for at least 2 of them to end up zombie food.

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