‘Under the Dome’ 1.11 Recap: “The One We’ve Been Looking For”

With just three episodes left (including this one) this season, a lot of stuff happens in this week’s episode of ‘Under the Dome’. But does any of it make sense? Let’s take a look.

At the beginning of episode ‘Speak of the Devil’, Joe, Norrie, Angie and Junior are still in the barn, pondering the meaning of the constellations that the mini-dome showed them. There are now big white dots on the barn where the stars were. Boy, aren’t Joe and Angie’s parents going to be ticked if they ever make it back into Chester’s Mill and see what a mess that mini-dome made? (At least, I assume that the kids didn’t paint the dots, since that would involve some dangerous calisthenics.) Joe thinks that one row of four white dots points to a location on the dome that the four of them are supposed to touch together. We’ll revisit that in a minute.

Since Julia discovered last week that Barbie killed her husband, she makes him sleep on the couch. She tells him that if they want to move on in their relationship, he needs to take her to the place where he buried her husband’s body. There’s a knock at the door, and Julia goes to see who it is. It’s Maxine (Natalie Zea), who pulls out a gun and shoots Julia point blank. Barbie comes rushing in to help, and the race is on to get Julia medical attention before she dies.

Big Jim Rennie is down at the police station trying to explain all his propane purchases to Sheriff Linda. Linda isn’t buying any of it at first, but Rennie is one smooth talker. He begins to convince Linda that the real danger in Chester’s Mill is Dale Barbara. Not long thereafter, Barbie calls the station to tell Linda that Julia’s been shot and he needs a ride to the clinic. (I was a little confused as I thought for sure that Chester’s Mill had a full-blown hospital, but this week all they seem to have is an understaffed clinic.) Rennie takes the opportunity to suggest that it was Dale who actually shot Julia.

Before Linda can arrive to help Julia, Joe shows up and Barbie gets him to drive them both to the clinic. At this time, the weather in Chester’s Mill has also taken a turn for the worse, with super-high winds and what looks like a tornado starting to form at the top of the dome. Joe does the driving, while Barbie stays in the back with Julia. Since Joe only has a learner’s permit, you’d think Barbie would have just had Joe tend to Julia and do the driving himself, but that makes for less entertaining television. They make it to the clinic, which is apparently manned by a single nurse who basically lets Barbie do all the medical work on Julia.

Rennie has sent Junior back to guard the house when Angie shows up. She insists that the dome is angry at the four of them and that they need to return to the barn. When Junior agrees to go with her (and saves her from injury when a wooden lawn chair comes hurling at them), the storm suddenly settles down. Junior believes that his choice to go with Angie has calmed the dome. Meanwhile at the clinic, Julia has stabilized, leading Joe to believe that Barbie might be the “monarch” that the mini-dome told them about.

With Julia recovering at the clinic, Barbie meets up with Rennie, and both agree that it must have been Maxine that shot Julia. Rennie wants to kill her, but Barbie wants to keep her alive. The two men go off to the cement factory, where they are quickly taken at gunpoint by Maxine and one of her henchmen. Thanks to a timer that Barbie set up outside before entering the factory, the lights suddenly go out, giving Barbie and Rennie the distraction they need to turn the tables. Now having Maxine and her friend at gunpoint, they lead the two outside where Barbie mistakenly decides to trust Jim to guard them. Instead, Jim shoots both Maxine and her pal in their heads, killing them instantly and adding a couple more to the tally of people Big Jim has killed during the course of this series. Rennie is just about to add Barbie to his list of murders when Linda shows up. Big Jim tells her that Barbie killed Maxine and the other man, and that he shot Julia as well. Linda trains her weapon on Barbie, but he manages to hit her and flee the scene.

Joe, Norrie, Angie and Junior locate the spot on the dome they believe they’re supposed to touch together. When they do, they see a vision of Big Jim with blood oozing out of his body. Looking down, they notice that they’re all holding blood-soaked knifes. They deduce that for the dome to finally come down, they need to kill Rennie.

Big Jim goes to the radio station to make an announcement about Barbie over the airwaves. While there, he learns from Dodee that the station has been picking up military chatter from the outside of the dome and that they’ve been talking about Barbie, saying that he’s the one they’ve been looking for. Rennie gets on the radio and announces that they have a murderer in Chester’s Mill and he’s on the run. Your fugitive’s name is Dale Barbara…go get him!


  1. The clinic has always just been a clinic with one nurse on staff. Julia’s husband was their main doctor. Their lack of staffing during emergencies has been a plot point before.

    The plotting of this show is so painfully contrived. Why would Linda believe Big Jim that Barbie killed Maxine when she inherently already distrusts Big Jim, and he’s acting so cartoonishly villainous that I expect him to grow a mustache any minute just so that he can twirl it? So stupid.

  2. I guess I thought it the clinic was a full-blown hospital because in that one episode where Norrie’s mom was admitted, it looked like they had dozens of people that worked there and tons of rooms/space.

  3. I thought the outside of the dome was semi-wiped out by the missile that was launched at the dome. At the end of the episode, the group walks up to the dome, and on the other side everything is in perfect condition, and there are even cars sitting along the street.

    The characters, their personalities, and their decisions are so far from anything relatable that this show has very of my interest left. If it ends this season on a major cliffhanger like Lost always did, I’m giving up. Unless, of course, the dome convinces me otherwise…

    • Not that I disagree with you about the show as a whole, but the missile only hit the dome from one side (presumably either west or south). Theoretically, the landscape on the other end of the dome could have been spared destruction.

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