TV Madness: Mulder vs. Angel – Buffy vs. Mackey

It looks like Cameron and Jack Bauer will easily pull off victories in their respective TV Madness matches. I thought that I should go back to check out how the Brisco County, Jr. and Ben Linus battle turned out. It seems that Brisco pulled off what I’d consider an upset, by five votes. Today, we have Fox Mulder going up against Angel while Vic Mackey battles Buffy.

Going into the second round, this was one of my most anticipated pairings. For anyone else, Angel seems like a formidable foe. He’s a vampire and therefore has all kinds of special abilities afforded to him. However, he’s facing one of the very few characters in this tournament who might be able to overcome such obstacles. Fox Mulder has a proven track record of dealing with all kinds of supernatural beings, including vampires. This will be a very interesting match indeed.

Fox Mulder – Over nine seasons of ‘The X Files’, Mulder faced down all manner of other-worldly things, all of which had special or superhuman powers. He became a master at figuring out how to kill beings with seemingly little to no weaknesses. He regularly went up against entities which, on paper, completely overpowered him in every way. Still, Mulder always pulled it out in the end. I see no reason why he couldn’t apply these same skills when fighting Angel.


Tools of the Trade: Mulder is a master researcher. He’ll scour ancient texts, figure out age-old formulas, and find out ways to kill whatever weird beastie pops up in his way. He even has experience taking out vampires, so that would definitely come in handy here.

Angel – He’s a powerful opponent by any measurement. He can simply overpower his enemies with his vampiric powers, but Mulder is a different kind of enemy. It seems like bad luck for Angel to meet up with Mulder this early in the tournament.




Tools of the Trade: Angel has all of the usual vampire powers, including super strength, fast healing, etc. But will those be enough to kill the world’s most famous supernatural hunter?

Fox Mulder vs. Angel

  • Fox Mulder (51%, 54 Votes)
  • Angel (49%, 52 Votes)

Total Voters: 106

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Sadly for Vic Mackey, he doesn’t have Mulder’s experience when it comes to dealing with the occult. Buffy isn’t a vampire, but she’s been endowed with special powers that make her the perfect vampire hunter. Vic Mackey, as intimidating as he is, may be in over his head here.

Vic Mackey – He’s the most hard-nosed, corrupt family man/cop you’ll find on television. I’m sure that at the first sight of Buffy, Mackey wouldn’t feel scared at all. He’d simply pull out that huge gun of his and start unloading rounds into Buffy’s center mass. Would that be enough to take down someone who’s been granted special, super-human powers?



Tools of the Trade: He’s intimidating to just about anyone in this tournament, but I have a hard time seeing Buffy being scared of him. Also, he carries around a really big gun.

Buffy Summers – She’s spent her life fighting foes from the netherworlds. She’s faced down all manner of demons, vampires and ghoulish entities. She’s been able to do this because of her powers as a Slayer. However, she doesn’t usually apply these powers to regular human adversaries. Will she be willing to go all the way to take down one of the toughest S.O.B.s on TV?



Tools of the Trade: Her aforementioned powers will really give her a killer advantage here. Like Angel, it seems like bad luck that Mackey was paired up against Buffy. Placed anywhere else in this tournament, he’d make it pretty far, but Buffy’s deadliness seems to cancel out Mackey in every way.

Buffy vs. Vic Mackey

  • Buffy (70%, 71 Votes)
  • Vic Mackey (30%, 30 Votes)

Total Voters: 101

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  1. Both of these battles really pain me, but I’m picking Angel over Mulder and Vic Mackey over Buffy.

    Buffy’s skills are in killing supernatural opponents. She would hesitate when facing off against a mortal human, whereas Mackey would have no compunctions against shooting a young girl in the face or dropping a hand grenade in her lap.

    Mulder’s not really much of a fighter. I think Angel could take him, especially if he has too much happiness and turns into Angelus.

    • Alex

      To be fair, it was Shane who dropped the grenade, but I totally agree with you that Vic would have no compunction about taking down Buffy.

      • Oh, that’s right! I got that mixed up.

        FYI, I edited out the spoiler from your comment, for the benefit of whatever readers might not have seen the show yet.

        • Alex

          Good call. That was freakin’ crazy plot twist. Wouldn’t want to ruin it for anyone.

  2. Excuse me for being pretty biased here but while Angel is more physically agile, I had to give the edge to Mulder since both Scully and him have fought the likes of vampires, zombies and witchcraft all before.

    As for Mackey, again, if he can take a partial shotgun blast to the arm and still be moving (this happened at the beginning of Season 7 where he bursts through the roof), I’m sure he can survive one of Buffy’s various stakes.

    You’re right though, Josh, it’s still a great match-up.

  3. Angel and Buffy, no contest. Sure Mulder has gone up against vampires and what not, but you neglected to mention how many demon hunters Angel has contended with, lots. Easy win.

  4. Mulder Loses

    Angel and Buffy.

    I am very surprised that so many people are picking Mulder when, even though Mulder has dealt with all sorts of supernatural beings, he hasn’t really “fought” them for the most part. He usually investigates an event which leads to him speculating that it’s something weird while Scully says “I’m sure there’s a perfectly good explanation for this” and then they kind of see something in the dark, shoot at it (sometimes even nicking it a little) and then it gets away leaving Mulder and Scully with no proof that what they say transpired actually did and then their office stays in the basement because their cases are never closed. Cue scene right before the credits where you see the monster is still alive never to be dealt with again.

    In the only episode I can remember (but my memory could be off) that actually dealt with vampires (Bad Blood), the vampires only had immortality and while Mulder did stake one of them, it was a fat slow one that was a moron. In the end he and Scully were still bested by them and AGAIN ended with them having no proof to support their claims.

    Angel is fast, has super hearing, super strength and is smart. He’s every bit the detective that Mulder is so that won’t win Mulder any battles. You don’t live to 250+ years by being able to be beat by the likes of a single FBI agent.

    • Shayne Blakeley

      Thank you. Angel went toe to toe with way more formidable opponents than Mulder, supernatural or otherwise, and always came out on top. This should not be so close.

  5. CamSully

    Alright, I apologize; I think many of us did answere more biased than we intended. While the evidence the agents discover will always be destroyed, you have to admit that they’ve still been through a lot though.

    So I should’ve picked Angel but find a lot of the 200-something enemies that Buffy fights to be rather weak.