TV Madness: Locke vs. Echo – The Tick vs. Nine

Michael Westen started out slowly in the TV Madness voting on Monday. It appeared that Al Swearengen would get the best of him. But then, out of nowhere, Westen piled up the votes and easily took the grizzled Wild West politician out of the running. In other news, MacGyver faced defeated at the hands of Worf.

In another life, John Locke spent his time fashioning baby cribs out of twigs and digging up once-abandoned hatches to find delirious Scottish men frantically pushing buttons. I never took him for one who’d beat up a woman, but he’s going to have to here if he wants to move onto the next round. It doesn’t help that Echo can be pre-programmed to be whatever she needs to be in order to win.

John Locke – He got the better of Eric Northman in the first round, which took a few people by surprise. Northman posed a real threat, being a vampire and all, but Locke somehow overcame that obstacle. Now he’s facing a character with the ability to download any sort of programming she may need.



Tools of the Trade: Locke never used many weapons. He had a few very large knives and learned (seemingly overnight) how to throw them with stunning accuracy. He was also a skilled tracker, but that doesn’t mean much here.

Echo – She’s at the mercy of whomever programs her, but given the right program, she can end up as a kick-butt assassin in no time flat. She was able to take out supernatural hunter Dean Winchester in the first round, which speaks to her skills and toughness. Winchester, against many of the other opponents in this tournament, would’ve moved onto the second round. I know people won’t admit it, but I think Echo got a little voting boost simply because Eliza Dushku is ridiculously good looking.


Tools of the Trade: Her mind can be either a blank slate or stuffed full of all sorts of useful information and skills. Locke better watch out if he runs into her on a day when she’s been programmed with superhuman fighting skills.

John Locke vs. Echo

  • Echo (52%, 43 Votes)
  • John Locke (48%, 39 Votes)

Total Voters: 82

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I was so happy that the Tick made it to the second round. His show was cut short far too soon. I’d give just about anything to see it back on the air again. The Tick faces a formidable foe this time around. He’s taking on Seven of Nine, who was able to take out B.A. Baracus in the first round. That’s no easy feat. The Tick had an easier go of it when he defeated Tony Soprano.

Seven of Nine – We saw from her first match that she’s a formidable fighter, but we witnessed in the video that I posted that she can be taken down by bigger opponents. The Tick is definitely bigger and stronger than she is.




Tools of the Trade: Part human, part Borg, she has superior fighting skills that are unmatched. Her agility and prowess could spell doom for the big blue superhero.

The Tick – Solid as a rock and dumb as one too, his obliviousness could come in handy since he seems completely immune to any kind of pain… unless it’s a headache. (“My head feels like it’s… like it’s gonna have a baby.”)




Tools of the Trade: The Tick needs no tools. He only needs his skin-tight blue suit and his bulging muscles to defeat evil.

The Tick vs. Seven of Nine

  • Seven of Nine (54%, 42 Votes)
  • The Tick (46%, 36 Votes)

Total Voters: 78

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  1. I would’ve given Locke the advantage had he not died on that stunning show. That’s pretty much where I take points off from: If the character fighting was killed, what makes one think they can cheat death a second time??

    Plus, again, he didn’t use many weapons.

    As for the other match-up, that was something …

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